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Gosh, it’s been ages since I last wrote anything but comments on other people’s blogs. First I didn’t have enough material to merit a post and now I’m finding it hard to put some time aside to write, so I end up composing these elaborate posts in my head… posts that never see the light of the day, ha. Trust me not to remember anything when I finally do sit in front of the computer. XD

Now that RL is little less busy again, you’d think that I’d start with all those dramas I have on hold but nope, not even close. None of them seem to appeal to me atm, so I’ve mainly just been checking out some of the new fare, to decide which to put on my ever growing drama queue. Of course, I sometimes end up watching more that just a couple of epis, LOL! Too predictable.

I’m one of the odd people who wasn’t watching Moonlight Drawn by Clouds for the romance but rather for the glorious execution. It’s such a well crafted drama for something that could easily have come off as a trite bag of familiar and overused tropes. Instead it’s more like a wonderful piece of art where everything from the writing, to directing, to cinematography, to acting just comes effortlessly together. The attention to detail is awesome, e.g how the penmanship seen from different characters subtly differ. Costuming follows on the same lines and it’s evident that quite a bit of thought had been put on the clothes the characters wear. The hanboks that especially Young and Yoon Sung frequently have on are SO gorgeous! Jin Young in that flowery one in ep 17 was just a sight for sore eyes. I’m having major clothes envy here.^^ I was a bit wary of how TPTB were going to end the story. The angst towards the end was expected but how were they going to avoid killing the Crown Prince that was supposed to die? Well, I should have trusted them to get over that hurdle and towards the end of ep 17 I had an inkling of how the cookie was going to crumble. In a drama where just about everything clicks, it’s perhaps futile to bring up one specific ingredient but I can’t help but to praise the acting, which was pretty darned great across the board. And Park Bo Gum should win all the awards for his performance. Dang, he’s good!

The current fluff quotent is filled by 1 % of Anything, the remake of a 2003 drama by the same name. I haven’t seen the original so I’m free to enjoy the new version without any need to compare. I didn’t expect to like this as much as I do but it’s a fun little drama that doesn’t demand much from you. The heroine is smart, professional and spunky and I do hope she stays that way. Kdrama has this annoying habit of turning potentially awesome leading ladies into weepy doormats as soon as they fall for the hero. That’s a trend I wish died a diery death. Hero is an ass but you can’t help but to like him anyway.^^ Ha Suk Jin has this uncanny ability to make jerk-y characters endearing and cute. Gosh, there are times I want to pinch his cheeks and then the next moment smack him sideways for acting like an ass-hat. Still, I think that somewhere underneath the brusque exterior is a decent enough human being. Jae In obviously wasn’t born a jerk. I’m hoping Da Hyun will teach him some humilty and proper manners.

OMG! These c-webdramas can be so addicting! I randomly clicked the 1st ep of I’m Not A Monster (我不是妖怪) the other day and before I noticed I had watched all aired episodes. Not sure if there is going to be more but the story definitely isn’t finished yet. No subs but when did that ever deter me. *g* Still ‘no can do Chinese’ so my understanding of the plot may be wonky but it’s basically about these 4 friends who are all a bit ‘special’ The main char He An Yi can manipulate time, Chen Ke Po won’t die, Xie Wushuang can charm people (esp females) and pretty Long Jia Hui is very smart with great deductive skills. KePo and Wushuang are also really fast and awesome fighters. All four live and also work together in this rather wonderful neighbourhood, where people stick together and help out if needed. An Yi is the head of the neighbourhood committee as well. There’s not much backstory (unless it’s all mentioned in conversations, which I wouldn’t have understood) for any of the characters. When the story begins none of them seem to have any family, so maybe they grew up in the same orphanage. Some supernatural forces are at work, that’s evident from the begining. Apparently way back when there was an Epic Battle™ between Good and Evil and the good guys won. One of them took two (?) slayed Demons and I guess turned them human. The gang help out people with all sorts of problems and if they succeed, they get an ‘orb’ of light that fits within a magic book. Yup, one of those dramas.^^ An Yi has flashbacks to the Epic Battle each time he grabs an orb. Imma betting he is related to one of the former demons. Along the way they meet other people who sorta become part of the posse; a famous boy assassin, an American who may or may not be a vampire, a beautiful princess whom someone keeps trying to off and An Yi has a crush on, sexy and alluring female warrior, a dog whisperer and his pal who can make insecsts do his bidding… Plus a plethora of other friends and foes. The whole show is rather fun and quirky and I was left wanting more. A trailer @ the iQIYI site and the ending credits.

I also checked out Dr. Qin Medical Examiner (法医秦明) helmed by Zhang Ruoyun as the titular Dr. Qin and I quite liked what I saw. It’s based on a novel by Qin Ming (which btw has been translated to English as Murder in Dragon City), though the plot differs somewhat. Qin Ming, Da Bao and Lin Tao are a fun threesome and I loved their bickering camaraderie. I don’t think the episodes so far have been particularly gory but then I’m used to grimy thrillers. 🙂 Going by one of the posters and what I’ve read about the novel’s plot, there also seems to be the usual geeeenius Big Bad out to get our protagonists – the only thing I could do without. Not too hot on the genius criminal plot devise. No subs, alas. Here’s a fun trailer https://youtu.be/sUe7dOdoMU0.

After watching 5 epis of Woman With a Suitcase and giving it some serious thought I decided to strike Show from my list. Even though I kinda, sorta liked the drama I had this niggling feeling I just wasn’t able to get rid of. I also couldn’t stand the male lead character. It’s funny how in ‘1 %’ I’m quite ok with outwardly pretty similar hero but in WWaS the lead’s behaviour irks me to no end. It’s probably all in the execution and how the character was presented. And lets not even talk about that stupid contract! I think the final nail in the coffin was when I realised I’d FF’d about 2/3 of ep 5, LOL! I’ve no idea why I keep trying out leagal dramas when I KNOW that all the leagalities just bore me to tears.

None of the upcoming kdramas have me exactly alight with anticipation but there are a fiew cdramas I’m eyeing that look promising. There’s Memory Lost, only… at 45 epis it may get draggy and I guess I’m going to give When A Snail Falls In Love a go too.

6 thoughts on “Drama Grab Bag

  1. I am enjoying Dr Qin too, no surprise. 30 min ep, fast paced, cant ask for me, and for a detective procedural it is quite spot on in being so simple to follow without taxing brain thus avoiding too many jarring plotholes. Yup the trio’s comradaradie is quite precious, I also like the heroine and love she’s not there for love interest purpose, but a bit of feministic manifesto tactfully sprouted out in just right lil doses. Zhang Ruoyun is worming himself a spot in me, comfortable in whatever role thrown at him, and he owns them all.

    I just tried out mins each of Memory Lost and Snails, no interest in reading the books, not a fan of writer. Snails felt exactly like Love Me If You Dare, same PD, same cluelessness in weaving any pace any tension for story imo, so I swiftly bail, it is for the WongKai diehards only. Memory Lost is pleasantly more watchable compared, but I like the actor of Guy1 prior, even though the bookfans r crying banshee he is nowhere as ridic pretty as dreamboat should be. It is an all heroine show for me, Yang Yong is my bias and she is vavavoom kickass.

    • Dr Quin is a breeze of a watch and I’ve been able to follow just fine even without subs. I really like the heroine too. Zhang Ruoyun got on my radar in WuXin and I’ve liked him in everything I’ve seen him in so far. He’s fun in variety as well, made me grin even if I didn’t undrstand a word, ha.

      So, Snail is akin to LMiYD… I’ll be skipping it then. Let’s see what I make of Memory Lost.

  2. Yay for another grab bag! I’ve been waiting to read another one from you!

    Park Bo-gum is exceptional in Moonlight, and yes to the gorgeous hanboks! They can be so distracting at times, even more than the pretty, haha.

    I guess i’ll forever be amazed at your fascination for C-dramas even with lack of subs and adequate comprehension of the language 🙂

    • RL interferences suck. 🙂

      There was lots of pretty in Moonlight, besides the actors. *g* PBG was totally awesome! He’s one of those actors who seem to get better by each role he takes. I just love watching him do his stuff.

      A little thing like no subs has never been able to keep me away from a drama I’m interested in.^^

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