A totally random kpop post

Gosh how I love good vocals! I mean, I do enjoy watching groups that rely heavily on dance routines, but give me a good vocal group and I’m in heaven. XD

VROMANCE debuted this week, but of course they’ve been around a lot longer. The boys have been putting out videos since around 2014 and are from the same agency (RBW) as MAMAMOO, so I guess great vocals are a given.
Introduction by ilmare42 @ Soompi

VROMANCE’s four members are leader Park Jang Hyun, Park Hyun Kyu, Lee Chan Dong, and Lee Hyun Suk. All four members of VROMANCE have very impressive vocal talents (like their RBW label mates MAMAMOO), and have worked as vocal trainers for idols as well as recorded guide songs for other artists. In addition, Park Jang Hyun and Park Hyun Kyu previously recorded the track “Love Is…” for the soundtrack of “Heirs”. While their name is spelt the same as the word “bromance” in the Korean alphabet, they have switched the B with a V for their English name to stand for vocalists or voices, putting their vocal talents at the forefront.

RBW describes them as a “vocal group that keeps the traditional feel of other vocal groups, while at the same time being versatile and able to pull off a variety of different genres, including fun and trendy music.” They add that the group’s been working hard to prepare for their debut for four years with some of the country’s best producers, and that their album will be something that people from all age groups can enjoy.

Their debut title song “여자 사람 친구/She” – I love it!! Jang Hyun’s high notes… O_o

A fun kpop medley

Their hilarious take on “빙/Bing” by Street Poets (거리의 시인들)

8 thoughts on “A totally random kpop post

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  3. Woah, those harmonies! I listen to the song Love Is all the time, but I wasn’t familiar with Vromance at all. Such talent! I want to see more of this group 🙂

      • Yeah, I’ve pretty much just devoured their Youtube channel! Hehe. Loving everything I’m seeing. Such talent! I think I’m getting on this train at the beginning of the ride 🙂

        • I love vocal groups in general but these boys feel special so I’m glad I caught on at this point. This year has so far been good to me as I’ve now discovered 3 new (to me) groups. Besides Vromance, I fell in love with Day6 (Letting Go) and KNK (Knock). 😀

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