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With RL sudenly getting awfully busy, it feels like I never have enough time for my dramas. Or blogging. I’m also sadly without that one drama which would compell me to tackle episodes with glee as soon as they air. I miss those days when ‘squee’ was a-plenty. Sigh. So, what have I watched recently?

Vampire Detective… so much wasted potential. The whole thing just petered slowly out, leaving no lasting impression. Even if I was initially willing to overlook the glaring flaws, the show got more and more ‘meh’ as the episodes passed. And it wasn’t only the fact that there was preciously little ‘vampire’ in the show, so many other things were very poorly executed. The writing was universally bad. Amberkmuse @ Dramas With A Side of Kimchee accurately summed up my feels for the show in her EP11 recap. Couldn’t have said it better meself.

For some odd reason I’ve not been as taken with Another Oh Hae Young as many others seem to be. It’s a farely good show but it hasn’t really grabbed me the way I expected. Which is why I’m 6 epsodes behind and in no hurry to tackle them either.

My ‘go to’ kdrama unexpectedly has been Beautiful Gong Shim. πŸ™‚ It’s a surprisingly cute show, even if I tend to FF through the parts with Gong Shim’s annoying family, her backstabbing golddigger sister and the boring chaebol family shenanigans. My main reason for watching are the quirky OTP, sweet Joon Soo and their friendship, which I hope will remain even after Dan Tae’s true identity is revealed. I never thought I’d be saying this but Namgoong Min is adorable in this! I’ve always found him unappealingly smarmy and sort of fake in all the roles I’ve seen him before. It’s like playing those murdering psychopaths has unlocked something in him and he’s suddenly become quite palatable as an actor.

Back to 1989 is winding down towards the finale, only 2 more epis left. They handled the serious, darker episodes quite nicely and all the conflicts got sorted out surprisingly fast, without any manufactured angst. The youngsters as well as some adults had to do some soul searching and make hard decisions as things didn’t work out quite as planned. Not all endings are happy the way you’d expect, but rather what’s best for everyone concerned at that point. I like the bits of unexpected realism amongs the fluff. The show as a whole has been quite low key, with sweetness that never gets too saccharine and characters that are mostly very likeable. For a TW drama, Back to 1989 is thankfully more down to earth and less OTT silly than most.

Watched the first epi of Police Unit 38, which unfortunately was quite underwhelming and sorta boring. I FF’d through most of it. It wasn’t even particularly funny. Let’s see if show picks up from ep 2. I want high jinks, fun capers and camaraderie!

6 thoughts on “Drama Grab Bag

  1. Oh the first ep was boring 😦 Haven’t started it yet.
    I never planned on watching Beautiful Gong Shim but everyone is saying so many good things about it! You really said it right β€” playing those murdering psychopaths has unlocked something in him and he’s suddenly become quite palatable as an actor β€” hahahah
    The whole universe seems to be in love with Another Oh Hae Young that I’m afraid I won’t like it as much solely because I’ll go in with high expectations and will find it underwhelming. Let’s hope that’s not going to be the case πŸ˜‰

    • The first epi was almost wholly exposition and that didn’t work so well for me. Yes, it gave us plenty of background info, but that was boring as hell to watch. It’d been better if they’d started with a bang and then gone for the explanations. But that’s just me, it seemed to have worked for other peeps.

      Oh, Gong Shim is really cute and mostly fun too. Never expected it to be the one I enjoy the most. Just goes to show. πŸ™‚

      I’ve learned to temper my expectations even if the drama comes highly recommended by people whose judgement I trust. Sometimes a show just doesn’t click, no matter how good it is.

        • The 2nd epi was much better as there was finally some proper ‘action’. And I loved the cameos. Kim Sung Oh! Park Sung Woong! XD I hadn’t realised Oh Man Seok was going to make an appearance too. I guess he’s recurring.

          We’ll see how it goes from there.

    • It’s been quite solid for the whole run. I’ll hold my final judgement until I’ve done with the last 2 epis, to see how they’ll wrap the whole thing up. I mean, Chen Che has to go back to his own time. The female lead character seems to annoy some people but I don’t think she is particularly bad as TW idol drama heroines go, I’ve seen way worse ones. A bit simple and childish to begin with but she had her moments.

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