Wind Chime – The “End”

There isn’t actually much to say about Wind Chime that I haven’t already said in my previous posts. Like someone at the Viki comments wrote, it was a “compelling show that I loved to watch even in the face of a plethora of logical inconsistencies and plot holes”. Neither being something I tend to pay much attention to anyway, especially if the show has something else going for it. I’m generally pretty quick at dropping dramas but if there is something that grabs my attention and keeps on holding, the blemishes become irrelevant. If I truly like a show, bits that otherwise get a generous eyeroll only garner an amused eyebrow raise, ha. My love for Wind Chime is by no means the all consuming kind I still have for ‘Of Monks and Masters’ (Gosh, how I adore that drama!) but rather something akin to warm glow of friendship. I may even rewatch it if time permits. 🙂
What I love about Wind Chime is the story. The fact that it is stubbornly its own thing and a little different from what we usually get. In the world of rinse and repeat plots, a little novelty is never a bad thing. I also loved the gorgeous, gorgeous cinematography and beautiful scenery. The beauty was even more marked as the backdrop to the less savoury things we humas are capable of doing. Some of the cases were pretty sickening, but thankfully the true horror was for the most part only hinted, not shown. I really liked the slow burn romance too and the way it was true to the charachers’ personalities, never overshadowing the main storyline but rather being weaved into it as an essencial part. Over the course of the drama Tang Tang and Feng became one of my fave drama couples. I loved how no-nonsense and in tune with each other they were, even in the beginning.

Love his smile, so infectious. 😉

TPTB really enjoyed hinting about things to come. Sometimes the hints were just little snippets that often went undetected until later. Other times they were as subtle as a hammer in the head, LOL! Like the way they kept going on about the identity of the Elder Quin Brother, especially after they’ve already given a pretty clear hint about it in one of the preceding episodes. Yup, I pegged on it waaayyy ahead of the reveal. XD

So, about that ending. It probably pissed off some people but I’m oddly quite happy with it, even though they decided to go OCN on us and left us dangling with a cliffhanger at the penultimate episode. The last epi is a prequel of sorts and takes us full circle, right back at where we started off. This wasn’t exactly a surprise though. Nearing the end it became quite obvious that there would never be enough time to wrap things up properly. It’s clear there is still plenty of story to tell. Apparently a second season is planned for and should start in October. I do hope it’s true, it would be a shame not to give this compelling drama a conclusion it deserves.

That whole scene… A total ‘bro-moment’. *g*

Went a bit screencappy again, sooo… a fiew more pics.

6 thoughts on “Wind Chime – The “End”

  1. Holy guacamole! I did not see Yanzi’s big reveal coming. Then again, I should’ve surmised her real identity from her logic-defying attachment to A Cheng. She makes me doubt Yue Feng’s allegiance now. His affection and willingness to go the end of the earth for Tang Tang could just as well be another honey trap. I know I am paranoid.

    As for the Qin being Sheng bit, the reveal isn’t as shocking as it made out to be. Them being a close knit community of spirit workers, inter-marriage may be the norm than the exception. Greed for more power is what ultimate cut the ties between the two families. Now it appears Shi and Sheng are showing cracks too.

    • The Yanzi reveal took me by surprise as well. That one I never saw coming, though I was pretty good at spotting the other connections. Nah, I don’t doubt Yue Feng being just what he seems to be, a good guy. But I did wonder if he is connected without anyone knowing it, him included. As I recall it, he doesn’t know who his parents are.

      “Qin being Sheng”… um, in what way? Do you mean Tang Tang and Shen Gun being ‘half breeds’? Qins and Shengs may have intermarried in the olden days but not after the rift. At least not willingly. I was never able to figure out if Tang Tang’s mom knew who she was marrying or if she was fooled. There may well have been genuine feelings between the parents. After all, Yanzi fell for A Cheng too. Daddy is clearly conflicted and doesn’t like the way things are going, though he does his darnest to hide it. Yup, all three families are showing signs of cracks and internal strife.

      • Yue Feng’s mysterious background is what gave me pause. I was under the impression for the first few episodes that he was from a rich family. Then in the latter episodes he said he was a man without roots. His affection for Tang Tang maybe genuine but unless I know exactly which rock he climbed out from, I don’t trust him, even if he flashes his megawatt smile at me.

        Yes, did mom know about dad’s identity? Did she elope with him in Romeo and Juliet style? Or, was she duped into thinking he was someone else? And did dad really kill mom?

        There is one point I’m still confused about. If the Qins need the road chime to gain 21g of weight in order to operate it without a chime bearer, why did they kill the mom? Tang Tang had absolute no clue as to the wind chime history. If she hadn’t met Mr. San, she might never have gotten it operational. Or, she could’ve have been killed, maimed, or sold into slavery, and unable to avenge enough souls to gain the weight. Wouldn’t that defeat their nefarious purpose? It’s not like dad drew a map and said “go here to unlock the wind chime mystery.” And it certainly didn’t seem like anyone was protecting her in secret. Unless… Yue Feng was sent there for just that purpose, with or without him knowing.

        • I guess in a drama where several of the main players turned out to be someone else than they pretended does make one wonder who else is hiding stuff. I’m still of the opinion that Yue Feng also being a plant would make the whole thing a bit too convoluted. Besides, the Qins tried to kill him on several occasions and it wasn’t just for show. They really wanted him dead. There is a possibility that he might Qin by birth, only no-one knows it. Originally Qins and Shengs were supposed to work in tandem, combining the forces a wind chime and a jade pentant. So, what if YF really is a Qin and somehow gets hold of ‘the’ jade pendant that belongs to his lineage, thus manifesting his powers and then links it to Tang Tang’s Road Chime? They’d probably be invincible, ha.

          While we are at it… What if TT’s mom is alive and in reality daddy is working to overthrow the leaders of the Qin clan? Their aim could be to purge the rot and re-unite the families again.

          Maybe Shen Gun was supposed to take over guiding Tang Tang? He’s certainly competent enough. Then Uncle San intervened.

          Ah, theorising is fun, even if most of the theories probably hit wide of the mark. 😀

    • Ah, it was someone @ the Viki comments, not sure how credible that is. We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess. My understanding of Chinese is limited to fiew words, otherwise I’d tried to find out myself.

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