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Why is it that when RL gets busy, I find myself with more dramas than I can possibly handle? The recent kdrama daught has had me exploring other avenues with offerings from mainland China and Taiwan in addition to what I can pick up from Japan. The thing is, I now seem to have amassed a list of c- and tw-dramas to watch and have couple jdramas queued up too. On top of that are all the new kdramas that look promising… It never rains but it pours.

The first fiew episodes of Entertainer didn’t impress me much. All the posters and teasers are good examples of false marketing. I was sort of hopefully expecting a heart warming and fun underdog story Γ  la SUFBB, Monstar and Gu Hae Ra, but what I got was wall to wall angst. There was also something oddly off with the whole thing that made me hesitant to go on. I still don’t like that they gave Ha Nul such a burdensome thing to overcome. Couldn’t they have found something less dire than a false sexual assault charge? Things seem to have evened out now as per what I’ve read but I think I’ll just save Entertainer for a marathon later on. Unless it de-rails at some later date, which is all too possible.

Still not enough vampire in Vampire Detective but ep 7 gave us Yoo Na’s back story and an odd couple team in her and San. Worked surprisingly well. So, this universe does overlap the one of VP. I was wondering if they’d go there. Glad to see our Dr. Blood was still alive and kicking, and still on the lookout for missing Proz Min. OCN being the king of trolls I’m not pinning my hopes on VP 3, but wouldn’t it be grand if that really came to be! Make the first epi a crossover with Vampire Det, where San finally tracks down Min and breaks him out from whatever dungeon he’s been kept by those who captured him at the end of VP 2. Sigh, one can hope. I’ve also been musing about the different vamp ‘types’. There are 4 so far. Big Bad ‘L’ from VP 2. His eyes turn red but he doesn’t go crisp in the sunlight. No idea if there are more like him. All the blue eyed vamps from VP 1-2, with the ability to go out during the day. The night dwellers of Vampire Detective. Then there is our golden eyed San, who is… what? A vampire-human hybrid? I’d like some sort of explanation but I’m not holding my breath. It’s OCN after all. πŸ˜‰

I’ve been woefully neglecting Battle of Changsha lately. 😦 It’s such a good story but I keep putting it aside in favor of less worthy stuff. Bad Me! I will finish it one of these days and if stars align right I may even write about it.

Back to 1989 finally hit the angsty patch in ep 14. I was expecting it to come at some point as whatever happened to Ya Juan to have changed her that much, must have been something pretty bad. It was. The show has been quite consistent in it’s storytelling so I’m confident they’ll keep it up even through this part. I know there are plenty of peope who can’t stand Zhen Zhen. Yes, she can be dim, overly cutsey and bullheaded but I’ve seen worse and that’s not all she is, imho. There are glimpses of someone more insightful and adult. A person she will perhaps be some day. I’d say she is just a very late bloomer, ha. At least the character hasn’t annoyed me enough for it to become a problem. Chen Che is too good to be true. Just saying. XD

I did not inted to bother with My Amazing Boyfriend but I checked an epi on a whim and the drama sorta stuck, LOL! My Amazing Boyfriend may be based on MLFAS but I like this take way better than the original, which I dropped early on. It’s funny, some times laugh-out-loud funny. Mostly it’s entertaining fluff that doesn’t take itself too seriously but oddly heartfelt at the same time and I love the quirky heroine. She’s adorable! Kim Tae Whan as Monster Xue is rather stiff to begin with but it sort of fits the character and his scenes with Janice are cute. I think they are a matching pair. I also like the realtionship Jing Zhi has with her friend, the top actress. JZ is great even with her ex-boyfrineds. She’s just overall awesome like that. πŸ™‚ I cheated and watched bits of the last epi, just to see if Amazing Boyfriend is worth keeping. Happy to inform that no ‘what the eff’ there but a rather hopefull open ending with a fun twist, which may or may not lead to S2. I can live with that.

Next I’m going to give Oh Hae-young Again, My Dear Friends and Beautiful Gong Shim a spin. With my luck I’ll end up loving all three. Sigh.

9 thoughts on “Drama Grab Bag

  1. I checked out E1 of Entertainer, and it felt off for me too. I’m trying to put my finger on it. SO far I feel like maybe it’s coz it seems like such a dog-eat-dog kind of drama world. Everything feels so ruthless and cold, and that makes me uncomfortable. I’m not if it’s also because I’m not into kpop and therefore have little interest in the kpop machine.. Glad to know that I wasn’t the only one who found it sorta off, in terms of feel. I’m still wondering whether to keep going. On the one hand, it feels off, but on the other, I’ve only given it one ep. And, it’s Ji Sung. Hmm..

    I tried half an ep of Back to 1989, and liked it right away! But, I’m holding back from diving in full steam, coz it’s only one ep a week. Maybe I’ll watch just half an ep at a time. That would help, if I can keep it up! πŸ˜‰

    I wasn’t going to try My Amazing Boyfriend, but too many people have been saying it’s a fun watch that I am too curious to ignore it now. I AM quite the curious cat, as you know πŸ˜‰ It’s on my list now, and I plan to check it out soonish ^^

    • That’s it, ‘uncomfortable’ is the right word! If I have some time I may watch trough the rest of the aired epis and then decide if I’m still interested enough to save it for a marathon.

      Even though I like Back to 1989, it’s not something I wait with baited breath, so an episode a week is ok by me. Amazing Boyfried is suprisingly entertaining. πŸ™‚

      Do check out Wind Chime too, if you have time. It’s my favourite drama atm and I’m sort of sad it’s ending next week. It’s been consistently good so far and I do hope it gets an ending it deserves.

  2. I’ve watched one episode of My Amazing Boyfriend so far. It was okay, but I really hope it gets better in the next couple episodes for me to continue. I just wish I could get into dramas from the other Asian countries more. I just like the feel of kdramas so much better. I am on episode 15 of Chronicle of Life though and am really enjoying it. So there are at least a handful of non-kdramas that I like πŸ™‚

    • The first epi of Amazing Boyfriend really doesn’t say much about the drama as a whole, so give it at least few more to see if it’s worth your time. It’s entertaining fluff and doesn’t claim to be anything else, which is what I like about it. πŸ™‚

      I used to feel that kdramas suit me better too but the problem these days is that most of them bore me to death with the rinse and repeat, cookie cutter plots and tropes I can’t stand anymore. Dramas from other Asian countries offer at least some deviation from that norm.

    • XD I do it occasionally but not with shows I’m invested in. With those I tend to try and stay spoiler free. It does backfire sometimes though and I’m left being majorly ranty because of a WTF ending.

      • ^^ I do it all the time with run-of-the-mill media. The only time I don’t look at the end first is if I trust the writer enough to give me a good ending (or if I’m watching real time, which duh). Haha, my ‘will-I-watch-this’ routine is: synopsis, trailer, last two minutes, first episode.

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