Wind Chime – up till ep 22

I’ve enjoyed Wind Chime a lot so far. It is by far the only show I’m truly looking forward to watching these days. Even with the magical stuff the world and the characters feel quite real. I really like the main twosome, they are a great team. I especially like how no-nonsence and mutually supportive their relationship is. Not many words are needed for them to ‘get’ each other. The romance is understated yet sweet and in a way that sort of defines them as persons. I’ve got to admit though that I’m rather biasd towards Yue Feng, ha. He’s so sweet! 😉 The plot is more twisty than I originally surmised and the story over all interesting. There is a sound mythology that cointains the warring ‘clans’ – Shengs, Qins and Shis, as well has how the magic is supposed to work.

The last two episodes revealed that our Questing Couple is far more connected than it seemed in the beginning. The nature of some of those connections I started to suspect a fiew episodes back but at least two I didn’t spot at all. Not everyone is who they appear to be. There seems to be a pretty tight net of deception around Tang Tang/Yue Feng and I’m wondering how they are going to cut through it. On the other hand they are getting help from surprising quarters too. The latest epi (22) introduced a new player. Whether he turns out to be a friend or foe is yet to be seen.

Now that the Road Chime has gained enough ‘magical weight’, it looks like the big confrontation is finally here. The opponent is quite formidable and well prepaired. Will Tang Tang and Yue Feng be up to it? I can’t predict where this story will end or how they are going to get there. Which is quite exciting. It’s hard to come by drama plots that still have some originality left. Wind Chime feels fresh and I love that! Looking forward to the last five episodes.

2 thoughts on “Wind Chime – up till ep 22

  1. It’s good that you’re still really enjoying this. It still sounds interesting, and I have it on my massive watch list. I always have way too many dramas I’m interested in at any given time, lol

    • I liked it a lot from the get go and I’m glad it’s still good. The story is surprisingly interesting, plus the cinematography is lovely. I do like the BMG as well, it fits. Yup, The List of Doom just keeps growing. 🙂

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