Vampire Detective – musings and speculation

Hmmm… I think Vampire Detective may be too episodic and procedural for all tastes. I am a bit disappointed but as I more or less grew up with the traditional plot driven, ‘case of the week’ mysteries, I’m fine with that. The actual ‘detection’ work – solving of the cases and unraveling mysteries has always been the main draw for me anyway. Anything extra is a bonus.

On the other hand, it is sort of counterproductive to have a vampire as a main character and not really use that as part of the narrative. It doesn’t look like they are going to delve much into the whole vampire mythology either. So far San has acted more or less like any other private eye/detective. What I’d like to see, is something on how San has tackled his transformation. Because now it seems like it’s business as usual, as if nothing ontoward has happened. Which is just silly. I seriously doubt it’s that easy to come to terms with the fact that you’ve turned into a blood sucking monster. What is Goo Hyung’s take on all of this? No idea, as we haven’t been told. We also don’t know much about San’s full abilities, or what his limits are. Is blood his only sustenance? He is a new breed of a vamp so it is possible he may not function exactly the same way as his night-time ‘brethren’. Going by that fight in ep 3 he doesn’t seem to be as strong or fast as (some of) the others. So, why is that? I do hope they’ll tackle these issues sooner rather than later.

The first case was a bit uninspiring but the next one in ep 3 was much more interesting, fun even. It is of course early days yet, but I’d say that even if there is no direct connection with the individual cases, they will all prove to have a common denominator – the mysterious vampire organisation and it’s equally mysterious lady boss (who is NOT Yoo Jin, imho). Now, that does sound kinda pat and coincidential but let’s think of it this way; what we see each week is a special selection, cases that have the vamp connection. In between there may be dozens of totally unrelated investigations, we just aren’t privy to them. 🙂 In the light of the reveal at the end of ep 3, it’s also starting to look like Yoo Jin and Tae Woo weren’t exactly who they were supposed to be. Next epi will probably give us more clues about that, if we are to trust the preview.

I might be in the minority here but I’ll probably enjoy the show as it is, though I’d prefer they put more emphasis on the vampire in the ‘vampire detective’. I also hope they give Goo Hyung and Gye Wool more to do, as they are starting to feel like mere window dressing.

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