First Impressions: Vampire Detective

I like a good mystery and I also like supernatural stories, so a genre mashup of seluthing + supernatural is like something made especially for me. 😉 Despite of there having been a plethora of vampire shows in the recent past, I don’t think that particular combination is one that’s been done to death. A lot hinges on the script of course and how much new ‘blood’, pardon the pun, TPTB are able to insert into the story.

Inspite of feeling comfortably familiar, Vampire Detective has a flavour of its own and I’m already eager to find out more about how this particular vampire universe works. The first episode gave us some hints. There’s the familiar blood drinking, superior strength and avoidance of sunlight. But the episode also has an origin story of a vampire of a different kind. So I guess we’ll be learning alongside with him – what he can do, what his limits are, do his abilities evolve etc.

The other thread in the drama seems to be the mystery in Yoon San’s past. What the heck went wrong in that undercover assignement? Was it rigged from the beginning? I’m pretty sure it’ll have ties to the vampire world, probably in more ways than one. It’ll be fun to find out… if we find out. The Overly Cruel Network has a tendency to troll their viewers, so getting the full goods is never a given.

There’s no inclination yet whether there’ll be a case of the week sort of thingy or if it’s just one longer story arch or mixture of both. I’m game whichever way they decide to play it, just as long as they keep it interesting and us guessing. 🙂 I already like all three main characters and it looks like we’ll get fun supporting ones as well. Over all the first epi felt quite assured and they seem to know where the story is heading. Directing isn’t overly flashy, which I’m thankful for, but there is a very comfortable flow to it. So far so good.

6 thoughts on “First Impressions: Vampire Detective

  1. Oh this one just slipped under the radar for me…but this post makes me curious to check it out. Vampire genre doesn’t really appeal to me..that maybe the case I didn’t pay attention to it!

    • Well, it rather depends on the specific vampire show and it’s themes. I haven’t much cared for some of them and I don’t mean just kdramas. Give this one a go and see if it’ll strike a chord. 🙂 The bromance is very nice and I liked how well the girl hacker melded in with them (in such a short time) to form The Team.

    • Yup, the first ep left a very positive impression and I’m looking forward to the next one. Show looks good but is not too flashy, nor frantic. It feels like TPTB know they have time to tell the story, so no need for a mad rush. Like I said, it’s oddly comfortable. 🙂 I’m not even miffed it’s only one epi a week as that leaves me time to ‘ponder’ on things.^^

        • I did watch the ep twice and for some reason feel like watching it again, ha. I woudn’t say it’s littered with clues or foreshadowing but there’s just something that keeps me coming back. But that could be just me. 🙂 The show clicked in a way I can’t really put finger on.

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