Everything but the kitchen sink

It’s March already. Where did the time go?

The start of this drama year has been mostly rather ‘meh’. Nothing truly riveting to whet my appetite. Well, a gaggle of kdramas either just started or are coming up in the near future but looking at what’s on offer it’s shaping up to be a loooong spring of nothing much to watch. I have no interest in Decendants of the Sun or the long weekenders, hence I’m not watching any of them. Tried Come Back Ahjussi but couldn’t muster up enough interest to continue. Next in line are Marriage Contact and Mrs. Cop – neither elicts even a semblance of anticipation. Sigh. Guess I have to start eyeing what the latter half of March will be offering. Goodbye Mr. Black, Memory, Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho and Jackpot fall in the ‘maybe’ category. The only kdrama I’m actually looking forward to is Vampire Detective. As the Overly Cruel Network doesn’t seem to deem us worthy of neither TEN 3 nor VP 3, one has to be satisfied with what’s given. As a fan of Forever Knight and Moonlight, I’m game for another Vampire Seluth gracing my screen. XD May brings us Another Oh Hae Young and Eric. Anything with Mr. Mun in it deserves at least a look-see, no guarantees I’ll stick to it though. My interest in any drama hangs on the story and it’s execution.

I really want to watch 少林问道. It looks gorgeous and heartbreaking but I doubt there’ll be any subs. Oh well, as if a little lack of subs would stop me.

The ongoing dramas on my roster are still the same. Well, I did add Kaito Yamaneko, which turned out to be better than I expected. It’s a silly romp allright but with a more serious unertone. Something I think is typical to Japanese ‘silly romps’ in general and which Koreans don’t seem to be able to master no matter what. Signal keeps on giving… and breaking our hearts. I’m reduced to watching it in odd order; Sun/Sat as I need to know where the Sunday cliffhangers take us to. If I’d had any sense I’d just marathoned it once it’s done. Signal is one of those dramas you can’t really talk much about in a general way as there are so many things that can constitute as spoilers.

I’m also watching my first asadora Hanko to Anne, which I rather love. It’s a dramatised story of Muruoka Hanako who translated L.M. Montgomery’s ‘Anne of Green Gables’ to Japanese. I’ve always loved the Anne books so Hanako to Anne feels almost like coming home. It’s very much like the books and the Canadinan TV movies based on them; sweet, innocent and uplifting but also occasionally makes me tear up – the mushy sap I am. Another older drama currently on rotation is Bijo to Danshi. I’d already taken a note of it a while back for some odd reason and when I saw someone had finally picked it up for subbing I decided to give it a go. It’s basically an underdog story and I tend to like those. Yup, liked it enough to keep going. Funny thing is that the leads Nakama Yukie and Machida Keita both turned up as supporting actors in ‘Hanako to Anne’. Serendipity? *g* I’m not generally swayed by The Pretteh but there’s just something about Machida Keita that makes you take a note, even if he’s still got a long way to go as an actor. Boy is 25, so time enough to live and learn.^^

Browsing @ Viki sometimes leads to picking up odd dramas at a whim, LOL! That’s how I ended up watching two seasons of Forensic Heroes, a Hong Kong drama fanchise. There’s also S3 which is a reboot with a different cast and which I haven’t seen yet. Like the title hints, it’s about a team of forensic scientists working alongside the police, the CSI of HK so to say. As procedurals go these ain’t bad and surprisingly the investigations feel quite authentic. To balance of all the seluthing and nerdy stuff they also take an occasional bayway to eyerolling territory in examining the lives of the protagonists. Every third case or so seems to be somehow connected to one or more of the characters. There is more than one dramatically sad backstory as well and at least one dramatic death. 😀 All the central chars feel quite real and they are very likeable, which is the true charm of these shows.

A funny thing happened on my way to the forum a meeting. I stepped in an elevator and when the doors closed we got EXILE’s “Choo Choo Train” as elevator music. Not what I’d expect to hear in these parts, I was ever so mystified, ha. Coming back I was tempted to ride the elevator up and down a fiew times just to find out what else they would be playing. XD Coincidentally the song is my current ringtone. It’s one of my fave EXILE songs and I just LOVE the choreo. *g* Oh, that reminds me… I think the first EXILE song I’ve ever heard was probably “Futatsu no Kuchibiru“, the ending theme of Tokyo Dogs. That was in… 2009 – my, how time flies. Jdrama opening and closing songs are often great and the inserts fun to watch too. Mmmm… do I see a post on favourite OST songs looming up?

In random kpop corner we have today; Shin Hye Sung, Roy Kim, Winner, Jung Joon Young and Mamamoo. 😁

14 thoughts on “Everything but the kitchen sink

  1. Ah, Forensic Heroes. The first season was good and I liked the Bobby-Yoyo pairing, but I didn’t like what happened to Yoyo’s role in season 2. Season 3… well, it was interesting watching Wayne in a more restrained character, but I wouldn’t say he had a lot of chemistry with Maggie. The cases were pretty run of the mill too.

    I’m not sure what HK dramas you’ve seen, but if you need recs, just buzz!

    • I have a ‘thing’ for run of the mill procedurals. I find them soothing, ha. I think I got ‘conditioned’ with all the Saturday BBC detective shows I watched when I was growing up and in my tweens. It was The Family Thing, you see. 🙂 Forensic Heroes wasn’t bad as that sort goes.

      I’ve actually seen very fiew HK dramas, so fire away. I’m always open for recs and where to find the stuff.

      • Hmmm… tbh, the good ones are hard to find and they’re mostly from the 90s and early 2000s. My favourites include File of Justice (five seasons), Healing Hands (3 seasons, 1 being the best) and Detective Investigation Files (1-3 same cast, 4 different cast), which were very solid in terms of acting and chemistry (plot sometimes went south, but still quite addictive). I also really liked Burning Flame 1, but 2-3 were ehhh.

        I think Healing Hands 1, Burning Flame 1 and DIF 1 are on Viki.

        But since you don’t mind run of the mill procedurals (I agree, they can be quite soothing), you might wanna check these out:
        – A Pillow Case of Mystery 1&2
        – D.I.E
        – Survivor’s Law
        – The Academy, On The First Beat, E.U.
        – Ghetto Justice 1&2 (Kevin Cheng is tolerable)
        – Lives of Omission
        – Highs and Lows
        – Line Walker
        – The Other Truth

        You can find these at gooddrama dot net and Viki.

        If you want recs outside of procedurals, just gimme a shout 🙂 I’m recommending what I can find online, but there are some good ones that aren’t available at all or are maybe on private torrent sites.

        • Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll look them up. I’m pretty sure I have D.I.E somewhere and I’ve actually seen Ghetto Justice.

          Yup, the older dramas are pretty hard to come by now but I know where some of ’em can perhaps be found. So, you can also rec fiew others besides the procedurals.

          • Okay, I’m just gonna throw in stuff that I think are pretty decent…

            – wuxia dramas: most of the Jin Yong adaptations back in the 80s are classics, although some 90s versions are also very good. Check out Legend of the Condor Heroes 82/94, Return of the Condor Heroes 83/95, Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils 97, Duke of Mount Deer 84, Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 85, State of Divinity 96

            – general period dramas: Rosy Business & its companion piece No Regrets; Better Halves; Square Pegs; Point of No Return; Master of Taichi; A Step into the Past; Justice Sung; Time Before Time

            – modern dramas: Gun Metal Grey; Take My Word For It; Armed Reaction 1 (2, 3, 4 are kinda train-wrecky); Untraceable Evidence; Inbound Troubles; Dicey Business; La Femme Desperado; Shades of Truth; Net Deception; Maidens’ Vow; Revolving Doors of Vengeance; King of Yesterday and Tomorrow (mostly modern); Rural Hero; Catch Me Now

            – mid-late 90s epics: At the Threshold of an Era; Secret of the Heart; Cold Blood Warm Heart

            – sitcoms: Best Selling Secrets; Off Pedder; Be Home For Dinner

            I hope you like at least one of them!

          • Well, looks like I won’t be having any leisuretime problems in the near future, ha. I’m sure I’ll find more than one drama in that list to my liking.

  2. I figured Descendants of the Sun may not be your cup of tea, so didn’t expect to you to even check the first one~two episodes out. I don’t think i will even consider it if not for Song Joong-ki haha.

    I am really happy with how consistently good Signal is. This is actually a great drama to be marathoned! Last week’s episodes really break my heart even though the development/revelation isn’t shocking. With only four episodes left, all i want is a proper closure and/or conclusion, even if it may not be a happy one. *fingers crossed*

  3. I’m planning to marathon Signal. I’m excited for Marriage Contract just because I love such stories. Goodbye Mr Black and Eric drama are also the one I’m looking forward to. I have no interest at all in Mrs Cop.
    Lastly, Pied Piper — since it’s by the liar Game team, my hopes are high.

    • I wish I’d left Signal be till it was done. Sigh. Watching a thriller as it airs is not very smart, I tell ya, but I’m sure I’ll still repeat the ‘stupidity’ with Vampire Detective. *g* Pied Piper looks pretty good on paper but the premise just doesn’t interest me at all for some reason.

  4. I’m glad Signal is living up to your expectation! I’m going to start that one soon. What about tvN’s Memory starring Lee Sung Min? Curious if that one will pique your interest.

    • Everything about Signal makes me glad. 😀 I hope they won’t botch up the ending either. Memory is on my ‘perhaps’ list. It’s by the same team that made Mawang and Resurrection so the possibility of getting a well crafted show is there, especially with Lee Sung Min as the lead. But, they also made Shark, so… we’ll see.

  5. The early-2016 dramas have been on the meh side for me too.. The ones I’ve tried out anyway. I’m also not too interested in Descendants of the Sun, but plan to check it out, if only out of curiosity. Just wanna see how it measures up to the hype. 😛

    • Everything I’ve read about Decendants up till now just strengthens the feel that it has all the usual KES’s tropes I can’t stand, so I doubt I’ll ever thouch the drama. I’m more or less done with even trying to watch shows that don’t appeal to me. I’m sure I’ll find something to fill in the kdrama-gaps. 🙂

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