Drama Grab Bag

I’m glad Signal came along as otherwise my drama plate would be pretty empty of kdramas. It’s definitely the drama I’m looking forward to each week, though I don’t have any burning need to write about it. Well, there’s hardly a drama I feel the need to comment on these days. Which is a sad situation to be in indeed.

I see what you are doing there, Drama. It’s a bit too pat how everything and everyone is connected. I’ll let that slide, for now anyway, because you are doing just fine otherwise. 🙂 Connecting past and present doesn’t necessarily bring about a good outcome, the chances for messing up royally are always there. Them butterflies and their deathly effects… On the other hand, good luck at trying to leave the past behind when it insists on getting up front and personal. That Magic Walkietalkie sure is like the proverbial bad penny. I wonder if we’ll also be seeing a worm turn as it looks like a certain cop might still have a shred of conscience left, not to mention massive guilt. I doubt it was an accident the Walkietalkie came alive right at that moment. There are a lot of coincidenced in this drama, which I’d probably find annoying otherwise, but as there clearly are mystical forces at work in Signal, I take the coincidences as part of the (magical) package.

Six Flying Dragons
I’m still watching and enjoying it too. I just don’t have anything to add to what others have already written about it. It’s a well crafted drama with a great cast and a director who knows what he is doing. I’m just not compelled to write about it, no ‘insta squee’. I don’t ‘dwell’ on it afterwards like I tend to do with shows that truly capture my interest/heart. This writer has an odd liking to mostly inefficient secret societies. Does Nameless have a point here? I felt much the same about Milbon in the later episodes of Tree, that stuff just made my eyes glaze over and hit the ff-button.

Golden Apple
I got through about 20 episodes of Golden Apple couple of years ago and then more or less forgot abut it. XD So, recently I just picked up from somewhere in the middle of the drama to finally finnish it. Can’t say it’s particularly good but it does have an advantage to most makjangy family dramas these days, less screechy OTT histronics. Yes, the plot is typically convoluted with the protagonists having to jump through all sorts of hoops to get to the ‘happily ever after’ but it’s more toned down and there is more focus on the positive aspects too. Golden Apple originally aired in 2005 but looks a lot like it’d been done a decade earlier with the brownish and muted color palette, a bit like an old photo. Could be it’s intentional as it’s set in 60’s and 70’s. GA is a story about four siblings and the people around them. Here’s a synopsis that gives some of the early plot way (it’s all setup so doesn’t really matter), in case someone is interested.^^ The most fun thing about Golden Apple were all these familiar faces, some still at the early stage of their carreers; Lee Young Ah (as the young heroine) and Kim Ji Hoon/Ji Hyun Woo (as the adult brothers). I had a good giggle at the most blatant fanservice in several scenes of shirtless KJH (teh pretteh!). Then there was JHW with his guitar/singing as well. If old fashioned family drama is your thing, this might fit the bill.

I’ve also started a bunch of jdramas but have nothing much to say about them yet. Possibly later…

2 thoughts on “Drama Grab Bag

  1. Hi Timescout! I always look forward to what you have to say even though our tastes in dramas do take two distinct paths 🙂 I’m definitely in it for Signal. Just waiting for a few more epis to conclude before I dive in. Btw, noticed your post is titled “Gab Bag” today rather than your usual “Grab Bag”. Is that intentional? haha!

    • LOL! I’m a grumpy old picky curmudgeon so oftentimes it’s a surprise when someone actually agrees with me. Still, it’d be boring if everyone had the same thoughts on every drama.

      Signal is still very good. \o/ Hopefully it’ll avoid any WTFery till the end. Fingers crossed!

      Oops… where did the ‘r’ go? XD Fixed now.

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