Six Flying Dragons – up till Ep 16

Six Flying Dragons is a funny show in a sense that I’m all engrossed in the story while I’m watching it but once I’m done I have no burning need to dwell on it. Hence it’s taken me this long to write something about it again.

I like Dragons, I really do, but it hasn’t truly captured my heart, not in a way that would result in hitting the computer as soon as I’ve finished an epi. It’s a very good drama, make no mistake about it and there are reasons I do enjoy it while I’m at it. First of which being the writing. Despite of the odd sense of detachement, I’m still curious about the plot and don’t even find the politicing a bore. The characters are riveting for the most part and it does help to have so many great actors in the roles. The supporting cast in kdramas generally shine but it seems like Dragons has managed to net a bumper crop of ’em. I can’t help it but Gil Tae Mi might have become my fave, LOL! He’s just hilarious, Park Hyuk Kwon really has loads of fun with the character and it shows. Yoo Ah In is having a great year as an actor and he is very good in Dragons as well but the one that is making people sit up and take note here, is Byun Yo Han. Goodness, what a veritable scene stealer the boy is! There’s just something so… so vulnerable and brittle in his Bang Ji that I can’t even… Sigh. Which brings me to the amusig fact of who plays Bang Ji in Tree with Deep Roots. Woo Hyun is a wonderful character actor but BYH he ain’t. XD Yoon Kyun Sang’s Moo Hyul on the other hand is an adorable, big doofus and I can totally see him turning into Jo Jin Woong later in life.

Another reason for enjoying Dragons is that the ‘stress’ of waiting for the ‘rocks fall and everybody dies’ ending so prevalent in sageuks, we actually know what happens to most of the characters. The historical figures are of course a given but even the fate of the main fictional characters is known, at least for those who watched Tree. At the outset this could easily be a factor to lessen the interest in the plot but I don’t find it so. It rather allows me to enjoy the story without the distraction of the (possibly) looming tragedy. It’s interesting to see how all these characters became who they are at the start of Tree. What events and people played a part in shaping them, according to TPTB. So far the trajectory of each and every one of them has been quite consistent.

I haven’t come across any articles that’d shed a light on where exactly Dragons will end – timewise. Do we get as far as the death of Jung Do Jeon? Or further? With 50 epis there is amply time to cover quite a bit of distance and if the quality of the writing stays at this level, I’m all for it. It’s been quite a while since I’ve found a sageuk to stick with till the end, so fingers crossed.

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