This is probably going to be cheesy as hell but visually stunning all the same. The chances for subs ain’t high either. I’m still going to watch the heck out of it, aren’t I? If I can get my hands on it. Sigh. Totally EXILE’d… Pox on you Takahiro, it’s ALL your fault! XD

6 thoughts on “HIGH & LOW

    • Yup… well, sort of. XD It’s part of a larger consept. To quote LDH (EXILE’s Ent. Company); “HIGH&LOW is the world’s first comprehensive entertainment project that encompasses various forms of content media, including a movie, which will be shown nationwide (Japan), a TV drama and live shows in relation to its themes.”

      LDH or should I say HIRO, the founder and leader cum CEO, tends to think big – just watch almost any EXILE MV, LOL!

    • Quite a few jdramas never get subbed as it depends so much on what kind of dramas the subbers prefer. I doubt this one will get much interest, but you never know. I never expected Wild Heroes to get subs either, so…

      I think this might be ep 1 – One Big Brawl, just as I expected, LOL! It’ll probably get yanked out soon, so catch it while you can.

      Btw, I removed the double post, hope you don’t mind.

      • Oh no! I saw this too late since I dont check my social tab in gmail. Curses! Has been removed by user haha. Why are the Japanese authorities so efficient anyway haha.
        I double posted? whoops sorry!! Of course no worries my mistake.

        Anyway thanks haha ❤ BTW which are your favourite exile/ sub group songs?

        • It’s actually back now (though not in as good a quality), with ep 2. Not the best drama evah, not even close (plot? what plot? – LOL!) but it’s oddly fun in a totally mindless way.

          Gosh, there are so many EXILE/EXTRIBE songs I like, it’s hard to choose. But let’s go with (for now):
          Motto Tsuyoku (this one is ♥♥♥!), ChooChoo Train, Aisubeki Mirai e, Going On, Futatsu no Kuchibiru, Japanese Soul Brothers, Think About It, Best Friend’s Girl, R.Y.U.S.E.I, Generation, Unfair World… and the list goes on. XD
          To be honest, I think I generally prefer the main EXILE over everyone else. I just love Atsushi’s voice.

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