Drama grab bag


Time for another grab bag of what I’ve recently watched…

Cheo Yong S2
I wasn’t initially going to watch this at all. The first season let me down with a lame plot and plenty of baaad acting so I dropped it early on. Actually, in her final thoughts about S1, Sab @ Nekosdrama pretty much expressed what I thought was wrong with S1. Even though I did not finish it, the flaws were quite evident from very early on.

Well, I read Sab’s post on the first epi of S2 and decided to take a peek myself. Lo and behold, the second try wasn’t bad at all. They added couple of new memebers to the team (hello there, cutiepie Kim Kwon XD ) and this time around the sole lady in the group isn’t a wilting damsel-in-distress. In fact, all the members contribute something to the whole. Oh Ji Ho still can’t act for toffee but as S2 is more of a group effort, every member gets more time in the spotlight so his non-acting didn’t stick out so much. The cases were over all more interesting too, some were downright creepy and others tugged the old heartstrings. The over arching storyline was pretty well done as well. The ending was kinda cheesy but I loved it. *g* I wouldn’t mind a third season but as S2 is quite self-contained and didn’t leave any threads dangling, it’s ok if they stop here.

Twenty Again
What a thoroughly relaxing watch. The whole drama was like a lovely summer’s day on a slow moving river, with refreshing breeze and sun glinting through the foliage. The pace mostly unhurried and pleasant but picking up here and there when the current gets a bit faster. Just goes to show that even Koreans can put up a show that doesn’t crank up the ‘drama’ up to wazoo. Even that last minute attempt at angst was just a minor bump on the road and didn’t do much to alter the overall pleasant feel. The 2nd leads were there mainly for some comic relief, I really could not even feel truly angry at any of their antics. Neither Woo Chul nor Yi Jin were truly horrible people, just very self centered and misguided, both had to do some much needed reflecting in the end. And what IS it with Choi Won Young!? First he made me empathise with a serial killer and now he managed to make an ass-hat like Woo Chul likeable and even, god forbid, cute! 🙂 I rather liked the whole cast of characters (yup, even Min Soo had his moments), but would have loved to see more of Soon Nam and Seung Hyun.

Twenty Again is first and foremost No Ra’s story. Her journey to find herself again and to be able to live the life that she wants to, on her own terms. I’m rather glad they put the romance in the backburner and didn’t let it overtake the themes, that imho are more important. The budding romance was an ingredient, a spice and No Ra + Hyun Suk did bring plenty of both fun and cute into the mix.

If you want something that’s undemanding, soothes the mind and brings a smile to your lips – then this, more than likely, is it.^^

Sassy, Go Go
I didn’t particularly like ep 5. Too much time spent on school politics and unpleasant adults being, well… unpleasant and not enough on the kids bonding, high jinks and actual cheerleading. I don’t mind the heavier stuff mixed with the cute but I’d rather have a Korean school drama with more emphasis put on the positive. It doesn’t even have to be all that authentic or ‘real’, I’d be happy to go with heartwarming and uplifting. And fun.

Which takes me to…

Gomen ne Seishun
Now, this is a school drama I can get behind with. It’s both heartwarming and uplifting. And fun. Ah, so much fun! 😀 This doesn’t mean that the show never gets serious but those parts don’t overwhelm nor take over. What I love about Gommen ne Seishun is that it’s so over all positive in it’s take. Problems get solved, misunderstandings cleared (even if it sometimes takes time) and stife sorted out. Not everything goes as planned but these people deal with it. There’s a lot of caring, bonding and understanding, love too. What’s best, not a horrible adult in sight. A bit strange and quirky – yes, but sorry excuses of humanity – nope. GnS is a Kudo Kankuro drama, so off-the-wall characters and situations are to be expected. I for one love it but can understand that his writing style isn’t for everyone. Even if GnS is on the less whacky/cracky side of KK dramas.

This is one drama where I just want to squish everyone! I adored both Nishikido Ryo’s Heisuke and Mitsushima Hikari’s Risa, those two and the kids make the heart and soul of the drama. The other main adult characters are great too, each in their own whacky way. A special mention goes to the principals of the two schools, such a fun twosome. 🙂

kipzizz @ drmajjang has written a wonderful, nonspoilery rec for the drama, so head there if you want to know more. Sadly that site is gone now. 😦

12 thoughts on “Drama grab bag

  1. Couldn’t agree more with your comments on Twenty Again. It was indeed like a lovely summer day with everything being breezy, soothing and uplifting. Even I found Kim Woo Chul very funny and really like the actor a lot!

  2. Is that really you, Timescout 😁 Positive reviews all around! Love your imagery of Twenty…like a lovely summer day……..sun glinting through a foliage. So poetic….absolutely love it, love it! Actually am surprised you liked this show…I would have thought it sounded too cookie cutter for your very discerning Kdrama taste. But of course I haven’t seen it myself so who am I to judge 😉

    • LOL! Wut!? I’m not always grumpy! XD

      That’s just it, Twenty wasn’t really as cookie cutter as you’d think. The almost total absence of manufactured angst and convoluted makjang makes it pretty much a special snowflake amongs kdramas. I don’t mind fluff every now and then, just as long as the plot has something to say. In fact, Twenty reminds me of jdramas.

        • Heh, consider it “liked”. 🙂 This theme probably doesn’t have like-buttons in comments.

          As for jdramas, I’ve got a few oldies lined up (those in the “waiting in the wings” -section + a few others laying about). There are couple of fall dramas I’m tentatively interested in checking out (Okashi no Ie, Kounodori) but it depends on availability of subs, as per usual. Annnnd… I’m going kill a few more brain cells with High&Low, LOL!

          • Yes, I’ve also got Okashi no Ie on my list, that’s a pairing I can’t quite pass up! May check out Kounodori, but not fond of babies. Probably will also look into Siren, and from your Waiting in the Wings section, Saka no Ue no Kumo. I’m sad nobody’s subbing Asa ga kita, but maybe that’ll be a blessing in disguise since Tamaki in Edo hairstyle is mehhhhh.

          • thanks for the Okashi no le recommendation. It’s being subbed and I just saw the first episode. Very nice start.

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