My Beautiful Bride – The End

So, it ended. That… was oddly underwhelming and I felt like it took awfully long to get there and I’m still more or less in the dark about the motives of some of the characters or even their purpose other than being the occasonal plot point at that. They took far too long to include some relatively important characters, like Do Hyung’s mom. We all knew she mattered but brining her more to the fore and center right before the closing curtain didn’t really amount to much, plot wise. Some loose ends were tied up, few minor reveals outed but I don’t think the last episodes brought anything major to the table. Everything just sort of petered out to a relatively predictable ending. I had a hunch they’d aim for ambiguous, though I did hope they’d do something more… idk, concrete?

It’s funny but looking back, everyone in the drama comes off as pretty useless. Yes, there were lots of gratuitous violence, pile of bodies and Big Words Used but none of that amounted to much in the long run. The Good Guys and the Baddies were equally bad in truly accomplishing anything worth a mention. In the biginning it looked like Show had something to say but as of the midpoit it felt like it was just repeating itself over and over again. I have a feeling that centering the plot solely on Do Hyung’s persistent and one-eyed focus on reuniting with Joo Young has something to do with it. It’s just not enough to carry the show for 16 episodes. So, his only reason for wanting to take down the Shadows and everyone connected was Joo Young? If she was out of the equation he’d ignore everything else? You know, I was genuinely moved with his pain and yarning to begin with but as Show never broadend the scope even a little bit more, I stopped caring. His plight just didn’t feel all that pressing compared to other, more important themes they decided to present but not properly follow through.

So basically MBB is just a bleeding-heart, angsty love story wrapped up in a violent action show. Nothing wrong with that but the beginnig fooled me to expect something more. Which of course is just my problem as there are other viewers perfectly happy with what they got. 🙂 Just goes to show, once again, that watching a show is a personal experience.

3 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bride – The End

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  2. I feel that the last two episodes, especially the finale, were really slow and didn’t accomplish much. Until now i still don’t get Do-hyung’s mom’s role in this drama, not sure if it’s due to the translation or it’s indeed not clearly explained — so she has the power over law and has been protecting The Shadows all this time without fully knowing what dirty business they’re doing and decides to retract the support because they’re messing with her son?

    Agree with your closing paragraph. It’s either a bait-and-switch or i simply got excited too early in the game. I’m reading others’ comments on the finale, most of which are positive that i’m trying to figure out why i’m not on the same page… whether i’m being overcritical or the show just doesn’t deliver.

    • Re. Do Hyung’s mom – I agree, we never really got the skinny on her motives either. But then, they didn’t elaborate on quite a few things over all.

      Idk, maybe we just read too much in it to begin with. I guess those who just wanted the angsty love story were ok with it.

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