BEAST are dorks with Park Bo Gum

Taking a break from the usual programming… *g*

Park Bo Gum is currently claiming accolades as one of the resident psycos in I Remember You but he is also one of the current MCs at Music Bank. Which brings me to his adorably hilarious turn as ‘part’ of boyband BEAST during their winning encore yesterday. XD

I don’t know if PBG is friendly with the dorks of BEAST or if the boys just decided to tease him, but he was pretty game even though embarrassed to high heaven. Just look at his “OMG! Do I really have to… I can’t dance! *so embarrassing*” faces, starting at 1:39 – LOL!


7 thoughts on “BEAST are dorks with Park Bo Gum

  1. This made me giggle, it was so funny! XD Thanks for this, Timescout. I don’t watch Music Bank, so I probably wouldn’t have caught this bit of fun, if not for you!

    • Yeah, it is pretty funny, especially if you think about PBG’s characther in IRM. 😀 I don’t watch Music Bank (or any other music ‘trophy’ show) either, except for the cuts for those acts I like… and I happen to like BEAST. ^^

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