My Beautiful Bride – Ep 11-14

Show seems to have broken free from the navel gazing of the past few episodes and is back on track. Wish I could say the same of me but unfortunately the dithering that stalled the narrative flow also stalled my intereset in the drama and I don’t seem to be able to revvy up the engine again. It’s never a good thing when a show I’ve been absorbed in does something that forces me to take a step too many back. That tends to faciliate a disconnect from both the story and characters and once broken it ain’t easy to buld that connection back up again. Sometimes that never happens. Which is where I seem to stand right now. Not really feeling the drama any more.

Ep 11 saw the start of the second cycle and some much needed changes. It was about time Do Hyng stopped, took stock of the situation and finally put that analytical mind of his to work. Thus far he’d just been chasing shadows, in more way than one, without any plan, rhyme or reason. The Good Guys finally started taking initiative instead of just reacting to situations and actions by others. Pushed onwards by Do Hyung they went on offensive, to try to take down the Shadows and those behind them. Which turns out to be trickier and more time consuming than Do Hyung ralised. The tentacles of the criminal organisation seem to go everyhere and I’m willing to bet we’ve yet to see who is handling the reins of Director Kang. I don’t think he is the ulitimate top of the pyramid either. Where does Do Hyung’s mom stand in all this?

I’m glad they finally addressed the elephant in the room aka why is Yoon Mi always one step behind. We knew it but they really dragged it out when it comes to the characters figuring it out. The cops are still pretty useless at any sort of detection work though. Take a few pointers from your jdrama counterparts, will ya.

Kim Moo Yul is fantastic! It’s a pity they haven’t really given him much to do. Yes, Do Hyung is a fighting machine and a devoted boyfriend but what else is there? DH is the only one I’m still interested in because KMY manages to bring the rather one note character to life and makes me care. The thing with these characters is that they are all very simple constructs with nothing much there to make them more 3D. You need a good actor and one that truly fits the part to overcome the limitations. I can’t help but to make comparisons with Heartless City. Most of the characters were pretty darned unforgettable and their memory just lingers on, even the baddies had more to offer. It’s the same screenwriter so what gives? I wonder if it’s the director, maybe Lee Jung Hyo (of Heartless City) fits the writer better.

5 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bride – Ep 11-14

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  2. “Not really feeling the drama any more.” I feel you. I have finished 13~14 but no thoughts popping up in my mind — i’m not sure i have anything to say about the drama anymore.

    They addressed and figured out why Yoon-mi is always a step too late yet nothing changes. She is still late, whether or not the rat rats her move out. Sigh. And Do-hyung’s mom, i hope she turns out to be a big player in this whole business too.

    Lastly, while the directing is nothing to write home about, i think it is the writing that’s letting up. Same writer doesn’t guarantee similar quality…

    • Same here, it took me forever to write this post as I was struggling to find something to say.

      “Same writer doesn’t guarantee similar quality…” – Very true, unfortunately. I’m forever sad how the writer/director team of Mawang and Resurrection managed to totally bungle up the third instalment of the trilogy. I’m pretending Shark does not exist, ha.

      • If i try really hard, maaybe i can churn out something, though it may end up being another rant post haha.

        Aww, that must leave a really bad aftertaste, sucking at the last step. I never finished Mawang, prolly because i watched it after Maou, which i loved to bits 😉

        • Ha, and I couldn’t get past ep 1 of Maou as Mawang is one of my all time faves, in fact it was my favourite kdrama for ages. 🙂 Sometimes there is just The One.

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