Content robbers afoot :(

One of the more unsavoury features of the internet life is that if you share something freely, there are always those who will exploit your generosity and swipe the contents for their own use, usually to gain something from it.

Unfortunately Mr Kwon @ Dramajjang (among several other k-ent bloggers) has had many of his post contents stolen by one of those pesky sites ( that copypastes other people’s lovingly composed thoughts and passes them as their own. I have no intention of visiting the place to see what they’ve actually got there but I’m pretty sure it’s full of ads (and possibly other less bening things – ewww… I feel dirty just by having written that) to earn money. Sites like the aforementioned have always been around in some form or other and like cockcroaches they’ll probably survive a direct hit with a nuke so getting rid of them is neigh impossible. All one can do is try to make people aware so that they don’t visit sites (hah, I wrote ‘shaite’ first, how apt) like these even accidentally.

Here’s a link to Kwon’s original post.

Another post by Kwon, after he’d done some seluthing to find out how the thieves operate to hide the fact that the content is not theirs.

A very informative post by NeeNee @ Asian Addicts Anonymys about content theft and plagiarism.

3 thoughts on “Content robbers afoot :(

  1. It’s definitely full of ads and taking away from the work of all these blogs and sites is only ad-related. Their alexa ranking in such a short period of time that site exists is too good to be true, imagine how many people ended up there in search of drama recaps and reviews and how much money that site probably made… effortlessly. Shaite! XD Let’s hope everything will flow towards a welcome direction. Thanks you SO much for spreading the word even further and putting your own insight in this shituation, your thoughts and words are truly appreciated! 🙂

    • There isn’t much small time bloggers like me can do but I guess every little bits helps somehow. The sad truth is that the thieves who own the blog probably have many others that run on the same principle. It’s aggrivating and a sad reminder of what a shaite place this world can be. Makes me mad when the ugly reality encroaches my fluffy drama world. *is grumpy* 🙂

      • Dramajjang is a small blog too and indeed, every little bit helps, the more the voices the louder the elegant noise! 😀 For one more time i am deeply thankful!! 🙂 They could be a team with a variety of different sites taking content from dramaland for one site, for the other one they could take food content, for the other one they could take football content and so it goes on if that’s the case. This is probably what pisses me off the most, dramaland is a place where we escape reality, we don’t need reality in here for drama’s sake! Only drama villains are acceptable because they are imaginary figures XD

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