My Beautiful Bride – Ep 7-10

In her latest MBB post rattletattle raises some legitimite concerns about the direction of the show. I’m inclined to agree with her.

I wasn’t too happy with the past couple of episodes either. We seem to have arrived at the dreaded half way point when kdramas frequently start going in circles and unraveling at the seams. MBB has so far been solid enough a construction that the slump is less noticeable but it’s still there, more’s the pity. The Stupid has also made it’s entrance making me grumpy at TPTB’s decicion to fall back on using it to move the plot along, instead of having the natural flow of the story do the moving. It seems to me that the show has lost some of it’s focus and proper drive. There is too much time spent with side dishes and ignoring the main meal. I’m also less than thrilled how Joo Young has turned into this ‘rag doll’ that’s being bounced around between the different interest groups and when she finally decides to act on her own, it’s of the stupid variety. Also, how many times are they going to let Do Hyung find her, only to loose her right away? It’s getting annoying.

Kim Moo Yul is still wonderful but he is getting less and less to do aside from being hurt, beaten and chased. And isn’t it about time to have Do Hyung and Yoon Mi team up? Maybe also shed some light on what’s driving Yoon Mi while we are at it, as I’m none the wiser when it comes to her motives. For a 2nd lead YM has had very little real impact on anything as of yet. I’m also waiting to see how DH’s mother fits in the picture. They’ve hinted that she may have a more important part to play but in what way, we don’t yet know. It’d be quite lame if she turned out to be a red herring.

They did so well with setting up the plot and all the pieces that I’m feeling quite disappointed for the follow up not managing to live up to it. 😦 What’s bothering me is that I’m suddenly not convinced that TPTB actually know where they are going with the story, so it feels like they are dithering and stalling. I hardly touched the ff button during the first half but now I’m tempted to pick up the remote quite frequently, which is NOT a good sign. Do something about it, Show!

I’m going to give MBB the benefit of the doubt and hope that it’ll pull itself together before things go more awry.

5 thoughts on “My Beautiful Bride – Ep 7-10

    • Oh no, indeed. I’m not happy about this turn of events at all. I’m hoping for the best though. There is still time to do some sort of corrective moves to bring the story back on track again.

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  2. Ah, relieved to know that i’m not the only one frustrated by the recent episodes. I was hesitant to call it mid-show lull only after 2~3 disappointing episodes, but maybe we’re in one right now. MBB has been rather slow in terms of pacing but i never had issues with that in the first 6. Now, i keep checking the time, which isn’t good.

    “Also, how many times are they going to let Do Hyung find her, only to lose her right away?” — THIS! Do-hyung has lost her thrice by episode 9 (i have yet to watch 10) and this repetition’s already getting on my nerves. That’s why he so needs to stop being a sole fighter and get at least Yoon-mi’s help. But now i doubt she can give much assistance since she’s only kinda there, not doing/helping much…

    • Well, it was a bit of a cold shower after all the good ‘feels’ I’d had before. I didn’t expect to feel disappointed so suddenly. Let’s hope they manage to correct the direction the drama now seems to be heading.

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