Thoughts on: SP – Security Police

I still remember all the ribbing this one got @ LJ and even though I do agree with a lot of it, I still think SP isn’t half bad as action cops shows go. The flaws seemed to annoy other people much more than me, heh. I’m definitely very fond of it, in fact enough to finally having done what I’d wanted for a while – re-watch it. πŸ™‚

A short, nonspoilery intro:
SP, also known as Security Police (SP Metropolitan Police Department Security Police Division, 4th District) is based on the real life security police unit of Japan, which is responsible for protecting domestic and foreign VIPs. The drama centers on a newly recruited SP officer named Kaoru Inoue, who is the only SP officer known in the force to have sharp senses that enable him to conduct his duties to take down the threat before it appears to threaten the VIP and the civilians who are caught in the middle.
I was about half way through when Hidden Identity started so I had bit of fun comparing the shows as they are somewhat similar in context. Hidden is the flashy, slickier one but I like the more grounded and matter of fact tone of SP, even with that one fantasy-esque element in it. It’s also less of ‘this is very serious bizniz’ and has nicely inserted, understated humour in the mix. Both have an older, established actor playing the leader of the gang with a ‘pretty boy’ hero with past issues working under them and a competent team rounding up the crew. Both teams even have a sole female who knows her stuff and can kick ass with the best of them. The stories also have an over arching storyline with shady shenanigans and a Big Bad, though who/what the BB is differs quite a bit. You can bet there’s corruption! In typical jdrama fashion SP has no romance (thank god!), though some could say the OTP is Inoue/Ogata, LOL!
Besides the drama long arc there are couple of separate cases, each taking 2-3 episodes to solve and it becomes obvious quite soon that they all tie in to the main theme in some way. Some people had issues with this set-up but I quite liked the individual stories and their length. The drama consists of 11 episodes + a special (which is useless) and two movies that conclude the story. I would have been quite happy with just the drama, ambiguous ending notwithstanding. The special was just a collection of scenes from the drama strung together and didn’t bring anything new to the table. I’ve read some really ranty writings about the movies and how they basically ruined the end. I wouldn’t go quite that far but in retrospect, they did mess up with some of the things that made the drama itself enjoyable. Plus the reason for that ambiguous ending turned out to be rather lame. They had 4 years to make up something feasable but ‘that’ was all they could come up with. So yeah, I do understand the vitriol but as I’ve already mentioned elsewhere, I tend give actiony cop stories quite a bit leeway. πŸ˜€

I have spidey senses and I’m not afraid to use ’em!

Okada Junichi… gosh, I had such an embarrassing crush on him back in the day and I still have a large soft spot for him. What can I say, he is ho… I mean handsome (and manly these days, heh), even with the facial hair he was sporting while doing Gunshin Ganbee. Such beautiful eyes too. *g* Okada’s acting range is still somewhat limited and if you put him next to the true acting talent of Japan, it does become rather obvious but in a right role, with a competent director he is more than good enough. These days Okada is perhaps better known as an actor but he is actually an idol and part of a boymanband (well, they ARE all in their 30’s now). I rather like V6 and their europoppy songs and darned if this re-watch didn’t send me to en endless loop of V6 YT vids, LOL! After SP it took Okada 7(!) years to get back to the small screen and that was in the last year’s acclaimed taiga drama, Gunshin Ganbee. Unfortunately I’m not into taiga. It doesn’t seem like he’ll be back to doing the more mainstream TV in a hurry, if ever 😦 but he does have a couple of more movies in the pipeline again. Well, he won rather big in last year’s academy awards, so… And here endeth my shameless Okada gushing.^^

Sorry mate, I don’t think you’ll be a ‘hit’ this time either. *g*

So… basically, Inoue-kun has no luck with the ladies. XD
Inoue and Sasamoto demonstrate what to do when Da Big Boss is watching.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on: SP – Security Police

  1. It’s nice to see someone else that likes SP πŸ™‚ I loved it even though it did have it’s flaws. It’s what made me officially become a huge fan of Okada, so it holds a special place in my heart.

    • Well, I’m a sucker for cop shows and procedurals in general and the Japanese ones in particular so… XD Yup, SP isn’t perfect but it’s better than most similar shows, imho. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, which I just love.

      My first encounter with Okada was probably Tiger & Dragon, which is still one of my all time fave jdramas. I keep hoping he’d do even one mainstream drama but I guess that’s a bit futile.

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