About Mask and melodramas…

Any of you who predicted this, raise a hand. XD Well, at least it’s not an outright dismissal as I’ve put the drama on hold for the time being. All Teh Stupid™ was making my blood preassure rise so I deemed it best to watch the rest of this sucker at one sweeping go, once it’s finished. That way I can FF through all the more idiotic stuff.

Why do they always have to turn the leading lady into a weepy doormat? Why? Ji Sook is such a frustrating sad trombone (I LOL’d SO hard when I read this description of her). It’s not like the drama has any bearings to real life so how about giving the poor girl some backbone and brainpower to start with? She can be as scared as they come but come on, even I could figure out ways to rise up to the challenge without giving away the whole game. Pretened you are a wet blanket all you like but muster up some courage to act behind that facade. This is supposed to be about masks anyway, isn’t it. And use your brain while you are at it, girl!

Oh, how I wish they’d actually made Mask a comedy, as crazy as they come one, with plety of “wink-wink, nudge-nudge”. I think it would have worked a lot better than this watered down version of a melodrama. Yes, there is plenty of crazy and far too much stupid as the go to gimmic to try to make the plot more ‘intense’ and ‘exciting’. Sorry mate, it’s not working as all it does is make me exasperated. As melos go, Mask is rather lightweight with a tired plot and no amount of glued on makjang will make it less so. I can see where the patches are attached. In recent years I haven’t come across even one Korean melo that works properly. They all seem to lack that certain kind of ‘weightiness’ and emotional involvement that packs a hefty punch, plus layered characters. All features I at least associate with properly done melodramas. Think Hollywood classics like Written In The Wind, All About Eve, The Best Years of Our Lives, Brief Encounter, Mildred Pierce, Casablanca, East of Eden, Suddenly Last Summer… and the list goes on. I grew up with classics like these, from both Europe and USA and can still rememeber the impact some of them had on me. Which Korean melo do I still remember 5min after it’s done? *thinks hard* Que Sera, Sera seems to be the only one I could come up with.

8 thoughts on “About Mask and melodramas…

  1. You are one tough critic…but then I already know it from reading your posts. Lol! Just wondering have you seen Thank You? It’s a melo for sure and borderline makjang but very well done (imho). Just curious what you would have thought if you had seen it.

    • LOL! Nah, I’m pretty vanilla in the critique department as in some aspects I’m rather easy to please. If you want a real tough critic, just read what MrX thinks of most of the current dramas. XD

      Oh, I’ve seen Thank You and really liked it. For some reason it never registered as melo for me but I guess it can be put in that category as well. Melodramas are sometimes quite hard to categorise as some of them fall under several monikers. Thank You wasn’t flawless but it was over all very well put together. I found the story quite touching and may have shead a tear or two. 🙂

      • Wow! Glad to hear you found it touching too….somehow I can’t paint a pic of you shedding a tear *wink* TY is definitely one of my all time kdrama fav. Now I am curious about this MrX 🙂

    • It was fun (sort of) for a while but became less and less so while the episodes went by. I was afraid the stupid would gain the upper hand at some point and I was right. Besides I could not connect with Ji Sook at all. I don’t need my heroines to be all gung ho and kick ass but wet blankets are so frustrating… I’ll save the rest of it for some future rainy day when I feel like picking it up again.

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