First Impressions: Suspense Threefer :)

Funny thing happened on the way to the forum… I now seem to have 3 suspense/cop shows on my roster. XD None of them has exactly knocked me over with their brilliance but as this is a genre I do tend to like, I’m in. At least for now. This is going to be just a brief post with fiew thoughts on each of the dramas so I’m not going to (hopefully) spoil anything for those uninitiated who’d like to know as little as possible beforehand. πŸ™‚

I have this tendency to get nitpicky, which you probably have noticed, but somehow action gets a lot more slack from me that any other genre. Of course there are limits to my patience and if the plot gets really stupid or characters annoying etc, Show WILL get das boot like any other show.

Hidden Identity is pretty much what you’d expect from Overly Cruel Channel but then, tvN is part of the same ent. conglomerate and the PD at the helm is the one who was behind Bad Guys, so… It’s a bit too flashy, violent, dark (litterally, you can barely see a thing at times, ha), gritty and demands leaving the logic brain parked at the door. It’s an action show, don’t expect everything to make much sense, ha. The plot is nothing new and travels pretty predictable paths but so far I’m enjoying it well enough. Bummie is a bit stiff to begin with but I’d say by ep 3 he seems to be more settled in. Park Sung Woong and Kim Min Jun kind of dominate any scenes they are in but that’s sorta expected, ha. Yoon So Yi’s Min Joo on the other hand has the potential to become a Very Annoying Character. Change this trajectory, Show. Stat.

I haven’t seen any scuttlebut about My Beautful Bride so far but that may be because there are no subs yet. It’s been flying pretty much under the radar and even I’d forgotten all about it, ha. The first 2 episodes were quite solid and managed to intrigue at least me. All the info I’ve seen about MBB has more or less been something like “When Kim Do Hyung’s (Kim Moo Yul) fiancΓ©e (Go Sung Hee) goes missing, he goes to the extremes in order to find her β€” even if that means not being able to return to the person he once was. Lee Si Young costars as Cha Yoon Mi, the detective on the case who helps him along the way..”, but that ain’t the half of it. Writing is quite assured and the plot a lot more complex than in say, Hidden. Pre-conceptions get overturned darned fast. Well, this is by the writer of Heartless City, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. There were already couple of twists that I at least did not see coming and going by the pre-view, the next ep will dish out a few more. I get the feeling that no-one is quite what they seem. Good job, Show! πŸ™‚ Definitely the best of the bunch, with potential to get even better.

I Remember You is the most lightweight of the three but even it has hidden depths and some layers. The first episode is mostly just setup and flashbacks to Lee Hyun’s (Seo In Guk) past, which imho is needed to shead some light to the current shape of things. The past is firmly connected to the present and probably involves more that just our main couple. I’m not a big fan of mixing levity with suspence as so often it does not work… like at all. Especially in kdramas. Humour is ok if it’s deftly intergated and knows it’s ‘place’, so to speak. Getting whiplash from the tonals shifts it’s not what I look for in shows in general but unfortunately many kdramas of the actiony kind succumb to this malady. There wasn’t too much of it in IRY but the shifts weren’t all that smooth either. Acting is a bit so-so all around but I expect that’ll change once the drama progresses. At least no-one was sticking out like a sore thumb. Surprisingly the most memorable character is D.O’s creepy jailbird. The kid playing young Lee Hyun is pretty good too. Now, there were couple of spots of ‘the silly’, stuff that made me roll my eyes, like who leaves a supposedly dangerous psycho alone, with no guard anywhere near and the damned door to the room open? πŸ˜• Yeah, I do understand it was needed for plotty purposes but really, Show? Couldn’t think of anything less stupid? I’m not looking forward to the romance as that always slows down the flow of the story. Besides there’s the thing that way more ofthen than I’d like to TPTB can’t seem to figure out which side to put the emphasis on or how to mix and match. End result being no-one is happy, not those who like romance nor those who are more into the cop show side.

5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Suspense Threefer :)

    • Yeah, that was quite gringeworthy but that’s kdrama for you. The cops are once again pictured pretty dumb though the current timeline crew isn’t down to keystone cop level, not yet anyway. I’m definitely more interested in the mystery as well.

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  2. Hahaha! Overly Cruel Channel! That’s a good one, Timescout!! XD

    Yay that there are shows capturing your interest, no surprise that they’re crime-related πŸ˜‰ I’m curious about Hidden Identity, but am waiting for more eps to air before I check it out. Your description of the style is so much like Bad Guys, especially the bit about literal darkness. There were times in Bad Guys when I couldn’t see much onscreen either, it was so dark! XD

    • Actually, it should be Overly Cruel Network. XD I didn’t coin that one though, I pinched it from someone else’s blog.

      I’m generally quite predictable when it comes to genre, crime shows just tend to be my thing. πŸ™‚ I’ve now seen all the aired epis of Hidden Identity and even though it’s ok in general, I’m not all that excited about it. There’s nothing that elevates it above any other bread-and-butter crime show. To me Hidden is like ‘Midsommer Murders’ in steroids, LOL! It’s no hardship to watch it but I more or less forget about it as soon as the epi is over.

      Based on the first 2 episodes I have an inkling that My Beautiful Bride will be the one I’ll be more in tune with and oddly enough I’m even musing about some aspects of I Remember You more than anything that happened in Hidden.

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