So… about Mask

Anyone who thinks that this one is going to follow any other logic but it’s very own, will surely set themselves up for a painful fall. XD

Still lamenting for the departure of the hilariously off kilter tone of the first 2 episodes as I found it SO entertaining. Some of that humour is intact though and the drama hasn’t plunged into the more maudlin melo as of yet. The story is sprinkled with these snippets of funny scenes and the shift between them and the more serious fare is pretty seamless. I just wish there were more of the funnies in each epi. The characters continue to be drawn with a slightly bigger brush and a generous hand. To me it looks like especially JJH and YJH are enjoying this. *g*

On the other hand Ji Sook is still a weepy doormat. Contrary to what some say I don’t think she was ever particularly assertive. She seems to lack a certain sense of self and doesn’t have much of self-esteem either. She is basically a good and emphatic person who oddly enough only seems to get brave when she goes out on a limb to protect her family or other people. I’m hoping that once she starts to trust Min Woo and draw strength from him she’ll stop moping and stops getting intimidated so easily. At some point she has to realise that she too holds several cards in her hands. Some of those are probably trumps. She’ll just have to figure out how to play them.

Min Woo is already falling for his wifey and her presence is helping on some much needed changes in him. Kdrama Medicine™ is of course as ridiculous here as ever. OCD does not just disappear like that but let’s fly with it and the rest of the silly when it comes to his phobias and ‘the crazy’. MW is actually pretty smart underneath all that crap and hopefully he’ll start cottoning on more to what’s going on around him. I’m quite eager to get to the point when he finally finds out who his wife really is so that they can team up and take on the oppositon for real.

I honestly don’t know what to make of Seok Hoon yet, dude is pretty hard to read. Why is he so adamant at getting what he wants, even at the expence of those he (seems) to love? It’d be lame if it was just because he is greedy and power hungry. Somehow I think that a big part of his schemes actually hinged on Eun Ha so her sudden demise put a poke in the wheels. He had to make a snap decision and if he’d actually had more time to think things over, I doubt he’d forced Ji Sook to take Eun Ha’s place. It is a decision he’ll surely come to regret as things aren’t exactly going anywhere near as planned. He isn’t able to control Ji Sook as well as he’d thought and now them feelings are also interfering. He is quite visibly upset about the growing closness of Min Woo and Ji Sook. That was decidedly not planned. Well, Mr Hot and Dangerous… you made your bed, now you sleep in it. I’m going to enjoy seeing him stew, aren’t I? 😀

Mi Yun is so far the least developed of the mains and hasn’t had much of an effect in the overall story. She clearly doesn’t hate Min Woo and isn’t part of any of the shady shenanigans going on around him. I’m pretty sure if MW’s wife was anyone else than ‘Eun Ha’ she’d be quite supportive. It’d be fun if she meddled enpough to give MW and JS more opportunities to get closer and spoil as many of Seok Hoons plans as she can. He is so entertaining when he get’s all worked up.

Other players are joining the game. Director Shim is not your usual dim gangster but has a brain under that ridiculous mop of his. Sharp baddies are not good news to anyone. I also think that we are not done with little bro Ji Hyuk either. He may be hot-headed and slightly naive when it comes to some things but he’s definitely not stupid.

I’m a bit at a loss on exactly why I’m still interested in Mask, ha. I guess it may be a mixture of having connected with some of the characters and not finding it as mindnumbingly stupid as your garden variety makjangy melos tend to be. It’s oddly entertaining and ocasionally quite funny.

5 thoughts on “So… about Mask

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  2. I’m also not sure why I keep watching this drama or what exactly gets me interested in it, probably the actors but it’s quite entertaining, in a crazy way. XD

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