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Feels somewhat odd that my drama roster at the moment consists of 4 jdramas and only one kdrama, one that is rather precariously tottering at the brink of toppling to the discard pile. Soooo, let’s start with that one.

Sadly episodes 3-4 were not as hilarious as ep 1 (where all the good stuff seems to have been, ha) or even ep 2. Which is why Mask does not merit a separete post. I still found parts of the drama quite entertaining and funny, so points for not pissing me off this early. Now I’m wondering if all the things that I found so funny in the beginning really were unintentional for the most part. I did hope Mask was going to be more tongue-in-the-cheek but at least it hasn’t gone all ‘This Is Serious Bizniz’ type of emo. Anyways, they’ve toned down the crazy and brought bits of actual plot to the forefront so I’m somewhat interested in seeing where this is heading.

Mr Hot & Dangerous is eeeebil but maybe not quite as bad they’ve led us to believe and clearly not as forward thinking either as he didn’t count on the worm turning. Ji Sook may yet prove to be his downfall. But then, he looks quite pretty when he is suffering. XD I haven’t yet formed a proper idea about our lead but I’m sure there is a real man somewhere there, underneath the mental problems – real or drug induced. Instead of the actual deer in the headlights we now have Ji Sook in it’s place. Sigh. It’ll get old real fast so they better give her a backbone quite soonish. Talking about Ji Sook, we now have a pretty good idea about the doppelganger thingy. Apparently Ji Sook had an older sister (Ji Un) who died, but as mom looked rather shifty when they talked about that in the flashback, I’m thinking she gave her away. They did not mention what age the sister was, so she could have been few years older and lookd exactly like Ji Sook.

Acting could be few notches better all around as everyone is now rather cringeworthy. Pity that this part doesn’t seem to be intentional. I guess I’m going to keep watching as long as I find Mask entertaining but as soon as things start to annoy the hell out of me, I’m gone.

Shinya Shokudo
I’m really enjoying these short vingnettes of the late night diner and it’s quaint customers. The stories are heartfelt and feel very real. I love Master and how everything is seasoned with humour, jdrama style. *g* I pummeled through S1 within few days and I’m now onto S2. Don’t watch this drama with an empty stomach…

Tennou no Ryouriban
My 2nd food oriented drama, ha. This one is about a simple guy called Tokuzo Akiyama who eventually becomes the chef for the Emperor of Japan. TnR is based on a non-fiction novel by the same name and the main character is based on real Tokuzo Akiyama. Story starts from year 1904 and follows Akiyama from his rural roots, through his introduction to western style cooking, first jobs and learning the ropes in Tokyo, to culinary school in Paris and back to Japan to became the Emperor’s chef. Apparently it covers the period of WW2 and after as well. I’ve always loved historical dramas and TnR has so far been quite interesting. They’ve captured the era very nicely. I’ve no idea how many episodes it’s actually going to be but so far I’m in for the long haul.

I’m Home is chugging along nicely as we approach the end. We have been steadily learning more about Ieji’s past and looks like something major is going to pop up next epi. Everyone seems to have secrets, even Ieji’s pretty 2nd wife. Nothing stays buried forever and I’m looking forward to finding out how the reveal at the end of ep 7 will affect Ieji’s and wifey’s relationship. Will the masks finally get ripped away?

Neko Zamurai 2 is a totally silly little romp but I’m througly enjoying the escapades of our roaming samurai and his pretty kitty. The episodes at ca. 20min are just the right sized morsels when one needs something short, fun and cute to brighten up the day.

Episode 4 killed all my interest in Orange Marmelade in the end, so I decided to drop it. I was thinking about the next episode and realised I didn’t care a whit what that might contain. Lee Jun Ki’s upcoming Scholar Who Walks the Night is quite sufficient for me as far as vampires in Joseon era go, so I’m saving the spot for that. Hopefully it delivers as the last fiew LJK dramas have been a bust for me.

15 thoughts on “Drama grab bag

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  2. 100% agree with your take on Shinya Shokudo 1, 2 and 3. Plus the movie was released early this year, but I can’t seem to find any subbed version anywhere.

    I thought I was the only one who watched Neko. LOL!

    Let me recommend a couple of jdramas: A Restaurant with Many Problems from this year, and an Eita comedy from 2 years ago Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi..

    • Oh, there’s a Shinya Shokudo movie too? Not that it matters as I too need subs for me jdramas.

      LOL! I think there are more than us watching Neko, people aren’t just talking about it. It has that very distinctly japanese quirky charm, which I tend to love.^^

      I’ve seen other nods towards ‘A Restaurant with Many Problems’ too so I might check it out at some point. I just watched ‘Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi’ a couple of weeks ago and liked it a lot. It was loads of fun.

  3. I love Shinya Shokudo 1, though haven’t got round to seasons 2 and 3. Master is fantastic, and I love the slice-of-life feel to it. Paired with food, it’s just all-round awesome. I’m also liking I’m Home, it’s shaping up well and I hope it’ll resolve the mask mystery soon. Trying to persevere with Kokoro ga Pokitto ne, but not feeling anything towards the two female leads, so am stuck on ep 4, mehh. Haven’t started Neko Zamurai (shame on me, since I love cats) but I’ll get to it real soon!

    • ‘Shinya Shokudo’ is โ™ฅ The best jdramas have this uncanny ability to turn snippets of mundane, everyday life into wonderfully satisfying viewing experience. A feat very few kdramas manage with, more’s the pity.

      Yeah, ‘I’m Home’ is shaping up really well and I hope it solves the central mystery satisfyingly. Things seem to be coming up to boiling point within the Ieji household next week. I wouldn’t have guessed that this would be the drama I’m most looking forward to each week, ha.

      ‘Neko Zamurai’ is cuuuuuute. XD I mean, it’s as silly as they come but I’m always in a good mood after I’ve watched an episode. Kitamura Kazuki’s Madarame Kyutaro is just wonderfully entertaining, in an oddly understated way. I don’t know how he does it.

      • You can say that again about “I’m Home”! I’m surprised too because it’s been a very long while since I’ve wanted to watch a Kimutaku drama – he’s had a few duds in the last few years and for a while seemed to be repeating himself. So far the acting’s pretty decent in “I’m Home” and the cast is solid.

        I saw a recommendation on Mondai no Aru below, but mmm… it seemed all over the place from the few episodes I watched. I’ll recommend instead the ongoing Fuben na Benriya, it’s hilarious and really fun. Not much of a plot and plenty of snow, but it’s a real easy watch at max 30 mins an episode. And from last season: Suteki na Sen Taxi, which is time travel with a little twist. Lovely quiet offbeat charm.

        • Yeah, this is the first time in a while I’ve felt like KimuTaku is not just coasting through. I see some effort, which is nice. I wish he’d do something more demanding like Karei Naru again.

          I watched the first couple of episodes of Fuben na Benriya but I didn’t find it all that entertaining. Guess it’s not my kind of funny. I’ve noticed that there is a fine line when it comes to humour. Cross it and I’m not moved at all. Suteki na Sen Taxi is on my ‘list’ so I’ll probably get to it at some point. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I’m enjoying Mask. Yes, all those funny melo parts were unintentional…but I still laugh when these people do things which are either too clichรฉd or melodramatic. I think Ji Sook is brave and has brains too…it’s just her situation is such that she can’t do much about it. I wonder where we’ll go from ep 4 because Min Woo has already seen her with mom….maybe she will tell him that she is some mother figure for her…

    I’m thinking of dropping Orange Marmalade…ep 4 was insane!
    Other than these, I’m watching Producers which is fun. I’m so behind for Warm And Cozy…which is a smooth ride if not very interesting. I’m looking forward to High Society next week ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I don’t watch Mask, but I’ve been thinking about it. I’m dropping Orange Marmalade due to the story. I just can’t see how going to the Joseon era will ever catch my interest (and I watch way too many Friday/Saturday dramas at present). Producers is a really fun show! I loved episode 7

      • I’m waiting for ep 8 actually as I watched the preview and I’m a total Cindy-SC shipper…haha…haven’t seen ep 7 yet…but I’m loving Producers a lot!

        I think almost everyone is disappointed with the direction OM has taken ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Mask is on probations, I’m monitoring how it behaves from now on. XD Things seem to move on quite briskly so I expect Min Woo will cotton on to wifey not being who she is supposed to be pretty soonish.

      Not watching either Producers nor Warm&Cozy. Tried both but found neither particularly riveting. Let’s see how High Society performs… I’m not expecting much, quite frankly.

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