Orange Marmelade – episodes 3-4

The first thought after I’d finished ep 4 was “Eeeh? What the heck was that?”. Gone was the flow and the lovely dream like feel of the first two episodes. In fact, most of the things that made the beginning so winsome had more or less vanished. Did they suddenly change the director as it felt like I wasn’t watching the sama drama anymore? It wouldn’t be the first time when a good start gets mangled in the following episodes, I just didn’t expect it to happen with this particular drama. The beginning had felt so assured of it’s style and direction.
Some major spoilers below… you have been warned.
Episode 3 was already faltering somewhat as it felt rushed, especially towards the end. In their rush to fast forward to… don’t really know where, they left holes that imho needed filling. We did get some tidbits about Shi Hoo’s past but there were things they decided not to shed a light on. Like what really is Shi Hoo’s place in Ma Ri’s life? What sort of 2nd lead is he supposed to be? Or how did the relationships and emotional connections of all of these people actually develop. We see something of the end results but not how they got there. What’s the rush?

Oh, Jae Min-ah…. If he was played by a less skilled actor he’d come off as insufferable. Boy lives in a buble of popularity. In a typical teen way he is also rather insensitive when it comes to other people’s pain. He isn’t the only one who’s had/has a hard time, the only one who’s suffering. Fortunately he isn’t quite as uncaring as he seems as Shi Hoo’s words, after that fight at the harbour, do affect him. In fact it’s Shi Hoo who is the more pitiful one and I felt almost angry for the way JM reacted to what he heard during SH and teacher Han’s confrontation. Jae Min has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. A big part of his hatred of vampires stems from the fact that it was a vampire that took his mother away. The vampire part really put an added weight to the whole thing.

Ma Ri’s and Jae Min’s feelings are easily understood, the instant attraction and flush of first love but Shi Hoo? It doesn’t seem to me that what he feels for Ma Ri is romantic, it’s more like he’s a good friend with a common past and similar background. He must have been very lonely over the years. With no parents and not friends he was probably happy to have found someone he can relate to and with whom he can be himself. Shi Hoo cares about Ma Ri and wants to protect her. He hasn’t really done anything to get between her and Jae Min, even though he doesen’t approve of the relationship. He knows Jae Min’s background too and how he his feels about vampires. If Shi Hoo is really supposed to like Ma Ri romantically, it does not come off that way. Not to me anyway. I don’t think we can put the blame on Jong Hyun either as he is doing really well here. Shi Hoo is actually the most interesting character and the one I feel most connected to. Which brings us to the totally perplexing way they delt with him. Seriously, who offs the 2nd lead in ep 4??!

Well, the sudden exit of Shi Hoo wasn’t the only blemish in ep 4. The whole epsode was disjointed and things happened without any real follow up or explanations. We just moved from one scene to another and I at least was left wondering what hell happened. Where did Ma Ri disappear to? She was gone for 2 weeks and we are supposed to think that no-one reacted to it nor to the fact that Shi Hoo had disappeared too? Did her parent’s leave too? We go from Jae Min frantically looking for Ma Ri to ‘2 weeks after’ when he suddenly gets a phone call from MR’s mom asking if he know where she has gone to. And somehow he just knows where to find her. Eh? Not buying that. Next thing we know there is a very bad FX thunder storm (the CGI budget for this drama must be all of 5$, LOL!), there’s a big flash of lightning and Jae Min falls into the sea but doesn’t try to get back up. Did he get struck by that lightning? What?? Ma Ri of course uses her vampy abilities to rescue him but when he comes to he doesn’t seem to reconginse her. Eeeeh?!! Come again? Gimme a break… Are you trying to say he’s now got amnesia? Because that’s how it looks like, especially as next it’s ‘2 months later’ and when Ma Ri comes to sit next him in the metro, he still doesn’t seem to know her. JM looks at her and sees someone in joseon era getup. Oh really? How come she’s back? What about her being a vampire and having used her powers? Why does he have a diffrent hairstyle? What’s happening, folks! XD

Someone somewhere mentioned that the next couple of episodes will be set in the past and going by the preview it seems so. Mmmmmm…. destiny strikes again. Or something. Not sure I actually care. I may tune in anyway, unless I’ve got something more pressing going on.

4 thoughts on “Orange Marmelade – episodes 3-4

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  2. Timescout, you are spot on again! I share the exact same sentiments though you have a knack of putting those sentiments in writing much better than I can. As much as I enjoyed the acting skills of YJG (and not bad for LJH), the show is losing me in its plots in these last 2 eps. What? Back to the Future theme? Not a big fan of where this is heading. So does this mean they will go back to the past to save Shi Hoo in the future? It better be good otherwise it is adios for me πŸ™‚

  3. I haven’t seen ep 4 yet but I read the spoilers anyway…haha…IKR! This show has gone a weird route from ep 3…everything happened so fast! They formed the band, Mari suddenly becomes so confident in front of everyone and okay, they already liked each other but still, their confession was rushed.
    OMG! And ep 4 looks weirder….I think the main story is something different from what we all assumed…but Joseon era! Hahaha πŸ˜€

    • Oh gosh yeah, ep 4 was weired allright. πŸ˜€ I have no clue where they are going with the plot and not sure I’ll like the direction it’s pointing to. I’m wondering if Shi Hoo got the ax in the original webtoon as well. Oh well, at least we’ll get the threesome looking pretty in the Joseon era clothing. *g*

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