Heard It Through the Grapevine – thoughts on ep 25-28

I’m beginning to think that the people who are dissatisfed with how the last stretch is going were erraneously thinking that this is an “action drama” when as a matter of fact it is a “psychological thriller”. 🙂 I don’t think Grapevine can be watched brain turned off if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. There are so many little things and subtle nuances that you don’t quite get if you are not paying attention. I know I don’t always catch everything and then get one of those ‘a-ha!’ moments later on when something pops up in later scenes or episodes. XD I’m also very thankful of the Soompi thread for shedding light on some of the more difficult parts of the dialogue which seem to need quite specific linguistic abilities. Kudos to the subbers but they keep getting quite a bit wrong.

The table seems to be set for the grand finale next week. Guess they didn’t need the extra two episodes then. I’ve still no idea how they are going to actually finish this off, but I’m positive it’ll be satisfying and makes sense. There may be some strings left untied and a few things left open but the central conflict will be settled properly.

Attorney Han makes me think of a big, fat spider sitting at the centre of his web of deceit and power, jealously gurading his kingdom of lies. Woe is anyone who gets caught. I’m hoping the ‘rebels’ manage to give one of the loose ends a good yank. It may not unravel the whole web but perhaps helps some of the victims get free. King Han is a buffoon with owerblown sense of selfworth but that makes him such a scary bastard. That there actually are those who don’t see him as the centre of the universe is an affront that has to be remedied stat. Before the ‘madness’ spreads. It’s quite hard to fanthom how anyone can be so vain and so blind to his own part in the scheme of things. The blame is always on someone else. What kind of lawyer is Attorney Han really? Would he actually win any cases by going to court as now all the winning seems to be done by blackmail, shady deals, money and connections. He is a master strategist but is he a master lawyer too? Now that he’s decided to shoot a fly with a cannon, I’m wondering if it’s going to do more harm than good for him and Hansong…

I appreciate that they let us see In Sang’s whole journey back to Bommie. He was still such a child in many ways and this was a rapid growth period for him. He needed to do it alone, figure out what matters and what sort of price he was truly willing to pay. The decision wasn’t easy, it’s scary out there without the safty net he’s lived with all his life. I’d like to think he is finally strong enough and adult enough to walk his own path.

Another thing I love about Grapevine is how the characters, well some of them, turn out to have a side not apparent at first encounter. I may have cheered when Hyun Soo was serving some long needed hometruths to Madam Han and her meddling momma as well. 🙂 I hope she’ll find her own way out as well.

The strength of the Seo family is in the love and respect they have for one another. The ties that cut deeper than money or prestige. They may falter in front of temptation but as the core is strong it’ll hold them together. One whack at the polished facade of the Han family unit and it’s already breaking apart. The faults were already there, hidden underneath and without a true core there is nothing to keep the parts from drifting away.

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