First Impressions: Mask

Long makjangy melos are SO not my thing but as I’m evidently a glutton for punishment, every once in a while I try one out for size, only to bail out in horror at some point. Too much crazy. XD I didn’t watch Secret, for obvious reasons, but the cast in Mask was just too tempting so I decided to give it a go, even while thinking that I’ll live to regret it, ha.

I’d seen the trailers and thought that something was ever so slightly off with them. On the surface they made Mask seem like your garden variety melo but there was just something… not quite right. What I didn’t count for was how much off this whole thing is.

The strangeness was there right from the beginning of EP 1. That feeling of ‘offness’. It starts with A Very Dramatic Car Crash caused by… wait for it…. a deer in the headlights! I mean, a honest to god, actual deer. o_O I closed my mouth and thought “No way!! Is this for real?!” And then I laughed out loud. Well, that was just the first of many ‘no way, is this for reals’, both episodes were littered with them and I kept laughing. I finished the first epi with “They are doing this on purpose, right? This can’t be accidental, no-one’s that bad. A comedy? Seriously?” I was still having these bouts of guaffs when I went to bed.

I seriously don’t know what to make of Mask. It’s definitely not a usual melodrama because the execution is just too out there for it to be one. Of course TPTB could just be trolling us but somehow I don’t think that’s the case. Like I already said, it seems perfectly normal on the surface but so many scenes spin off into bizarre absurdity that skirt very close to OTT silliness. There were so many parts I found totally hilarious but as I still had the notion that Mask was a standard melo, I was left between giggles and bemused wonder. Was I actually ment to laugh at this? Or was it just my wonky sense of humour.

All the characters are drawn with a generously wide brush, so much so that they stop just this side of being caricatures. I’m pretty sure that all the main leads have a few bats in their belfrys, LOL! Not that the rest of the characters seem to be all that normal either. We have a psychiatrst giving of this sinister feel, cartoon gangsters (OMG! that wig on Kim Byung Ok XD), servants who might just be a bit… you know ‘not quite there’, The Standard Chaebol Parentsβ„’ who seem to be just a leeeettle more ‘standard’ than normally. And so on. At first I was wondering why everyone’s acting was so off but before long it dawned on me that it must be part of the package. The wide brush, see.

Everything in these two epis is slightly off kilter and every time you think you are on solid ground it tilts. Ha! Imma thinking that I need to give Mask more than a couple of episodes to make up my mind. Right now I’m quite interested in seeing how they are going to pull this off. If it really is a comedy masked as a melo or something quite else.

18 thoughts on “First Impressions: Mask

  1. Very interesting post. Comedy masked as a melo….that got to be a first? I do enjoy my occasional melo but not ones that are all makjang. Based on yours and Snow’s first impressions sounds like it is worth checking out!

  2. No way you can dive in this perplexed net of human relationships and absurd incidents in just 2 episodes. I’m gonna wait for the first 4ep myself. Although, looks much more plot than Secret’s first week. The production must have been upgrated since KBS and that’s good for us; at least for now! ^^

    • Oh, I’m usually pretty quick to get rid of melos, especially the more makjang festy ones but I didn’t get that instant “run away, run away” feeling with Mask. Not yet anyway. I think I need more than 4 episodes with this one as the first two were so perplexing. XD

  3. Hahaha!! I wasn’t gonna check out Mask coz of its makjang branding, but you’ve just piqued my interest, Timescout! XD You make it sound so intriguing, tho, that I juuust might check it out!

    • Do watch at least the 1st ep so I can get another opinion! If I’m just imagining things or what. The whole thing felt so hilariously bizarre. E.g there’s this scene in the 1st ep, where the Bad Couple aka 2nd leads had a confrontation due to the lady’s obvious jelousy. Mr Hot and Dangerous just swooped her into his arms and started smooching, omnious music playing. And there was I, trying to stifle my giggles! I just couldn’t help it, it was the way it was palyed. XD The scene’s made me think of these Teuvo Tulio melodramas in all their 30’s & 40’s glory, stilted dialogue included. LOL! (The films used to be standard programming during summer way back when, so I’ve probably seen all the more well known ones that still exist. :D)

      • OMG hahaha, I laughed out loud while reading your description of the scene! I think I’ll probably giggle through the scene too, when I get to it! XD It sounds so surreal, like a dream sequence of sorts. I will check out at least ep 1, it sounds fascinating XD

          • Lol I really had no idea WTH was going on in the vid.. Only that everything felt like some very weird, very random & surreal sort of dream XD

          • Well, it’s a trailer with all the ‘best’ bits, ha. That particular film has been called fierce and mad, I’d say it is. It tells a story of two sisters Sylvi and Outi who fall in love with the same man, a doctor called Valtteri . Sylvi (the older sister) seduces Valtteri and eventually they get married and have a child, a boy. Heartbroken Outi leaves the country. Everything is coming up roses until the little boy dies after being hit by a car and this “takes the characters deeper and deeper into a spiral of contempt, bleakness and dangerous choices” as one reviewer put it. πŸ™‚ In the end depressed Sylvi takes poison, only to become blind as a result. Outi returns home after having been abroad for seven years. Sylvi gets her sight back but doesn’t tell anyone as she suspects that hubby and Outi are having an affair, so she starts to spy on them while plotting a revenge. Bit by bit all the crazy affects Sylvi’s sanity and the end result is as expected. XD Sounds like it could be any number of makjangy kdramas, doesn’t it. LOL!

          • I just checked out E1 of Mask.. It definitely leans surreal! XD I am so not into makjangs, but I must give show credit – I actually am somewhat curious about E2. And JJH is showing some pretty impressive comic timing too!

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  5. Hahaha….I haven’t seen ep 2 yet but I wonder if they are doing it intentionally. You have given me a new lens to watch ep 2 now… πŸ™‚
    I have not seen many melodramas (exactly one…Nice Guy) so I can’t really compare but I think the drama has so much craziness going because of its characters…my first reaction was “what did I just saw?” Everything felt weird and yes, a bit depressing…I’m giving it one more episode…let’s see how I feel about it πŸ™‚

    • Oh, I’ve watched my share of melodramas, some of the more crazy, true ones too but Mask doesn’t resemble any of them. It’s totally in it’s own category of ‘crazy’. I’m still not convinced it’s even ment to be a standard melo. We’ll see. πŸ˜€

        • I checked out the beginning and then just read some of the recaps but I didn’t get the same feel from it at all. Secret imho is a pretty standard melo. Mask and Secret have different PDs and as far as I can tell, they have totally different styles too.

        • Ah, dear! For someone who has been on board that deranged emotional roller coaster called Secret, I’m fully prepared for the “what did I just saw” thing!!! This writer has already beaten the almighty Heirs in ratings and will probably “slaughter” the Hongs Sisters, too. *sigh*
          The level of disturbance is expected to be blown out of proportion and crazy people will fill our screens (literally!) Can’t wait! The first 4 episodes as in a mini-marathon, Secret-way technique, ;-D !!!

          • hahahah….maybe I’m watching too many cute, sweet shows with normal people….Okay, Mask, I’m ready for your craziness!

            Oh I wish Warm & Cozy did well ratings wise *sigh* But I know viewers get addicted to this kind of stuff more than anything else…

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