Drama grab bag

Still mostly on a jdrama binge and as I have several more stashed away, it’ll probably be that way for a while. Apart from Orange Marmelade I haven’t been impressed with anything new from Korea. There are several kdramas lined up to start in the near future so things may yet change on that front. Remains to be seen.

Dakara Koya
I watched it almost in one sitting and really liked it. You wouldn’t think a housewife on the run would nail me in front of the screen, but when you have a compelling story and characters you root for, you don’t really notice the time. Slice of life truly is what the jdramas do so much better. It also doesn’t hurt that this is a story about average people with problems anyone could have and equally down to earth solutions. It’s simple, warm and makes you think. Breath of fresh air amongst all the chaebols, love trangles and makjangy storylines. Jdramas of this type have a tendency to get a bit preachy in places but it’s seldom so in your face that it’d get annoying.

Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi
Finished this one too. It was quirky and fun. Eita and Matsuda Ryuhei are just wonderful in the roles and I could have watched them biker and do odd jobs for odd people for more than just 12 short episodes. XD I don’t know what’s the ingredient in the Japanese brand of strange and slightly off kilter that makes me love most of these stories. Maybe it’s just my wonky sense of humour, LOL!

Still watching both I’m Home and Missing Noir M but don’t really have anything more to add than what I’ve already written about them. 🙂

Who Are You? – School 2015
I know there are plenty of people who genuinely love this show but it’s just not working for me. Already while watching the 1st ep I had this niggling feeling that something was off but as I really liked the 2013 version, I decided to solder on in hopes that something would click. Didn’t happen, I’m more or less indifferent to the story and not feeling much for the characters either. Kim Soo Hyun is acting rings around everyone else but even she hasn’t been able to make me care. The supporting cast is mostly doing fine too and I rather liked Tae Kwang, probably because it’s Yook Sung Jae and he seems to be mostly playing himself, ha. Yi Ahn on the other hand proves once again that good guys are tougher to do without making them bland and as interesting as blank paper. Even if the character was well written, you still need an actor who can bring the char alive. Unfortunately Nam Joo Hyuk just doesn’t have what it takes. I’d hoped School 2015 would be more alike S2013 in tone, but they decided to go with a darker theme. It doesn’t have the warmth that S2013 had even amongst the more serious parts. I’m also missing the camaraderier that for me was the main draw of the previous instalment, couldn’t care less about the romantic entanglements.

I’ve also sampled Warm & Cosy and Producer but don’t yet have much to say about them. The first episodes of W&C felt a lot like promo films for Jeju Tourist Bureau but they were so laid back and breezy I didn’t mind. So far there seems to be no hook to the story but I’m guessing it’ll come in it’s own sweet time. W&C doesn’t really feel like a Hong Sisters’ vehicle so far but for me that is a plus. There are only two of their dramas I’ve genuinely liked so I’ll wait and see where this one is heading. Producer…. not sure what to make of it for now. I’m not into variety at all as I find most of the shows boring, so the meta generally does not register. Goes to the ‘undecided’ pile as well .

4 thoughts on “Drama grab bag

  1. We have such different tastes LOL! I am in love with School 2015 so far (or the fact that I’m definitely not into vampire+human stories). But as they say, different strokes for different folks.

    As for W&C I dropped it, I thought it was all over the place, I couldn’t finish episode 3. But just like you I’m still undecided about The Producers. So far it is bo—-ring although I like some variety shows, apparently they changed director after the 2nd episode…this is why I’m still willing to give it a try but I have other shows to start so it’s on hold, I may never even continue, who knows.

    • Yep, definitely different strokes. 🙂 Not that it’s bad, it would be boring if everyone liked the same things or always had similar thoughts. But, our tastes do cross on some dramas, I’d say.

      I’ve since dropped both W&C and Producers. Couldn’t be bothered by either.

  2. Ah, that’s disappointing, about S2015.. I had positive hope for that one coz of my love for S2013 as well. I haven’t checked it out yet so technically the jury’s still out, but if it’s missing the warmth, that’s a real downer for me. Why so dark, everyone? Warmth is a good thing to have in dramaland! 😛

    • Yes, it was rather disappointing. I wasn’t looking for S2013 redux but something in similar tone. Then there is the fact that the characters did nothing to me. I just didn’t care and when that happens it’s usually a no-go. Unless the show is more plot centric thingy, say a procedural.

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