First Impressions: Orange Marmelade

Now, this is more like it. I’ve been waiting and waiting for another kdrama to truly grab my interest and Orange Marmelade seems to be it. Of course, it’s a bit early to say for sure after just 2 episodes, as things can yet go to pot, but I love what I’ve seen so far.

It’s been forever since I sat through the early epis of a kdrama being captivated, enough not to notice the time. The whole thing just flows, effortlessly and the pace seems just right. Even the few somewhat indulging long shots didn’t grind the flow to a halt, like that sort of thing so often does. There is this lovely, whistful feel to all of it, sort of like a breeze you almost see, blowing through the scenes. Stopping here and there, playfully making things flutter before moving on to the next locale. I liked how they inserted the humor into the mix. It’s not OTT and thankfully they are not underlining it either. There is too much of that going around in kdramas in general. I sometimes wonder of TPTB don’t trust their own abilities to make people see what is funny or sad or angsty, so they succumb to heavy handed methods, like underlining the scenes. Sometimes it’s like they are using a really thick, red marker with a gaggle of exclamation marks and arrows to make their point. 🙂

The center of the story seems to be the human/vampire interactions. It’s about a supressed minority, one that is ostracized because they truly are ‘the other’ and thus feared. I’m rather interested in the vampire lore of this reality. Were vampires killers to begin with or did they just turn that way because they were hunted down for being ‘monsters’? Are they a separate spieces or just a strange human mutation? I hope we get at least some answers along the way. I can already see plenty of angst ahead but for once I don’t think it’ll be of the manufactured kind. There is a solid reason for it and the conflict to come.
I’m really liking the charcters as well and feel like I already know something about many of them. Besides, I’m eager to learn more as I’m sure there IS more to all of them. As expected, Yeo Jin Go is great. His Jae Min is almost like the perfect representative of a teenager at the cusp of adulthood with the ‘feels’, uncertainty, bravado and occasional truly awkward moments (yeah, I did chuckle aloud during that scene XD) that go with it. What is even better is that the rest of the cast is doing pretty darned fine too. I already love Ma Ri, there is something vulnerable and fragile about her but I don’t think she’ll turn out to be one of these weepy wet blankets we often get. Her mom and dad seem like loving, supporting parents, which I liked. Jong Hyun is a surprisingly good fit for the part, there’s a marked improvement from A Gentleman’s Dignity days. Whether Shi Ho is an ally or an obstacle is yet to be seen. Beotchy girl is beotchy but I guess we can’t do without one of those, sigh. I just hope she is more than just one of these one note crazy secondaries as that would be a pity. Song Jong Ho’s Yoon Jae seems to be a sweet guy and I’m really eager to find out more about his and Jae Min’s mom’s story. Inter racial relationships have their difficulties, even in this day and age but within the story’s context it feels like the situation could be something out of American historybooks.

Well, this was originally going to be just a part of my next drama grab bag but as it is, I had more to say about Orange Marmelade than I initially though. 😀

14 thoughts on “First Impressions: Orange Marmelade

  1. I’ve read the webtoon and the truth is I excpected more. I like that they’re changing some things of the story. The drama has potential as well as the actors. I’m looking forward to the next episodes^^

  2. Just finished watching ep 1 and I totally agree with “The whole thing just flows….”…everything looks so calm and sweet and breezy. I love Yeo Jin Goo already (this is the first time I’m seeing him in anything)…Seoyeon is not bad either (looks really beautiful)
    Plus, I liked the OST 🙂

  3. I watched the first 2 episodes. It’s so manga-ish which I like. One thing that’s bothering me is they’re still in high school but looks like there’ll be a lot of skinship involved. lol

    • I suppose it’s true to the original then but as I don’t do manga I would’t know. This level of skinship is no issue to me, it’s only in certain kdramas where kids this age (and often even adults) are supposed to be pure as driven snow. Not happening in real life, not even in Korea these days. 🙂

  4. Ooh, sounds promising indeed! It’s so rare that a drama captures your attention like this, which just ups my interest in this show! Looks like I should check this one out sooner rather than later 😉

  5. I’m not reading the whole thing right now! But I’m happy to see positive words 🙂 Now I can safely give it a try….I hope I don’t exhaust myself from drama overload 😉

  6. Phew! A big sigh of relief…of all the kdramas I have circled for this cycle, Orange Marmalade intrigues me the most. So I am super excited to read your very positive early review. I have not seen any of YJG’s performances but can tell from the teasers, he’s going to be rock solid. Also glad to see you commend positively on JH. I have a soft spot for this guy 🙂 Loved your remark about the big red marker (lol!). I, too get turned off by such heavy handed shenanigans. Thanks for this awesome two episode insight!

    • Truthfully, I had no real expectations for this one but the start at least turned out to be pretty solid. It’s always a bonus when things go this way, instead being a big fat letdown. I’ve yet to see YJG do badly in anything, he even excells in enterviews. He’s just a joy to watch. 🙂 CNB is one of my favourite Korean groups and the only one whose carreer I’ve followed since beyond their Korean debut, so I have a soft spot all of the boys.^^ JH is still very much wet behind the ears when it comes to acting but at least he’s shown some improvement. I wouldn’t give him any lead roles for several years to come though. *g*

      Yeah, underlining and overly framing scenes are some of the more annoying kdrama habits, especially when used in excess. If TPTB can’t get their point across without resorting to those, they aren’t particularly good at their craft.

      • Ha ha! Me too! CNB! They seem down to earth and low key. I only watch Running Man if they are on it and they are hilarious. They look like a tight group. Yeah, you’re right JH’s not as talented as his other friends but his shy demeanour seems to win me over. Hope he does well in OM!

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