Yet another award :)

Hanakimi @ dramajjang has kindly nominated me for… would it be Sunshine Sisterhood Award? It was fun figuring out what to answer, as per usual. No-one expects nominations from me, right? XD

Without further ado, here are my aswers:

1. Which was the first kpop song you heard and why?
I honestly don’t remember, it’s been so long but I think it could be something by Alex, Classiquai or Shin Hye Sung

2. If you could play k/j/c/t/t drama, what role would that be? It can be a role that already exists or create your own.
I’ve never aspired to be a thespian. I’m old, so I’d probably be one of those beotchy samonims, ha.

3. Whose character you hated the most in a drama?
I don’t generally go as far as hating a character but I really, REALLY wanted the smarmy 2nd lead, palyed by Seo Do Yeong, from Just You to get hit by a bus, LOL!

4. Which drama you consider overrated and why?
Too many to mention. Most of them are just not very good, neither script nor acting wise, but for some reason people think they are the bee’s knees.

5. If you became a writer, what gender of drama would you write?
If I had any talent for that, it’d be mysteries. *g*

6. Which is your favourite OST?
There are quite many I love; Mawang, CitC, Legend, Kingdom of the Winds, DoR, Black & White, The Pursuit of Happiness… just to mention a few.

7. Is there a drama you love for sentimental reasons, but when you think about it you realise it wasn’t a masterpiece?
There are so few I consider as a masterpiece but I guess there are any number of dramas I’ve liked but which objectively looked at are not all that good. Over The Rainbow, maybe? Still rewatch it from time to time, though. ;P

8. Which love story you liked the most in a drama or a movie?
I’m odd, I know but most romances leave me rather lukewarm.^^ I did rather like the love stories in DoR, The Pursuit of Happiness and To Get Her.

9. Do you find yourself watching episodes and being more interested in the second leads love line more than the main leads?

10. Tell me tell me t t t t tell me, it’s a free answer, express whatever you want.
I love k-pop in general and some groups/singers in particular. XD

5 thoughts on “Yet another award :)

  1. I loved your answers, I liked simple things. I have wanted to watch ” Golden Rainbow ” because Uee and Jung Il Woo, but I never did, is it worth watching? I’ve been a kpop fan before dramas and I love kpop too, Kim Sung Kyu’s song is nice and I liked the mv. But lately apart from Big Bang’s songs that I love cause they remind me of ” lies ” era especially ” looser “. I’m into new boy groups, if BTS are considered new ” I need you ” is one of their best song and they deserved to win. Romeo are cute they remind me of Infinite so I like their style. You should watch Monsta X’s debut, I was watching their survival program and they are really talented.

    • Um… I haven’t seen Golden Rinbow, I did try few episodes but it wasn’t to my taste. The drama I was referring to in my answer is Over The Rainbow, from 2006 with Ji Hyun Woo, Kim Ok Bin, Hwanhee and Seo Jin Hye. It’s as flawed as they get but somehow I still like it, ha.

      I gave up on checking out new groups, on the whole. I can’t keep track of them, they all tend to look and sound alike. They pretty much have to have something that sticks out for me to take any notice. Which is why I mostly just try to keep track of my ‘oldies’. 🙂 I’m very fond of Infinite, so their solo works always get a listen from me. I really like Sung Kyu’s new album, the ‘sound’… very Nell but hey, I like them too.^^ Infinite is gearing up to a comeback too so that’s something else to look forward to.

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