Heard It Through the Grapevine – thoughts on ep 21-24

Going by some comments and rants I’ve read around the internets it’s clear that there are people who don’t seem to have a clue what this story is about. They keep winging about insignificant points that are only dressing. The world of HITTG is not real, you can’t expect things to flow like they would in RL. What matters, is does it make sense within the framework of THIS reality or not and so far TPTB have not taken one misstep yet. We as viewers may be in the dark about what happens next but trust me, the writer-nim has it all mapped out, till the end. She always does.

The last two episodes were quite hard to watch. I knew where the story was heading to and as they say, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

As fun as the episodes with the rebellion all around were, I was pretty sure that wouldn’t last. The minute Attorney Han took to ‘the big guns’ it would be game over. Bommie was never fooled by the fake front the Hans put up, she was toeing the line because she really did want to try and make it with In Sang and this was the only way to do it. Maybe for a short moment she thought that things might work out but she’s too smart to have kept at that misconseption. In Sang never really understood what was going on, he just couldn’t see the currents flowing underndeath. Boy was too naive and now that the reality has finally sunk in he is capitulating. Not surprising but I must say I’m disappointed how easily Attorney Han was able to turn IS’s point of view on certain matters to his own. In Sang is a sweet boy but that’s all he is – a child. He has never had to face the realities of life, until now and I think even he was rather shocked to realise that he is this weak. Bommie is a realist. She saw the writing on the wall and acted accordigly. I’m glad she told IS, with plain enough words, why it was impossible for her to stay. Someone had to.

I always took it as a given that Bommie would leave the manson at some point. With or without In Sang. I’ve only seen couple of dramas by this writer-nim but it seems to me that her protagonists always escape the prisons they have been foolish enough to enter. It won’t be without cost but afterwards they are happier and what’s more, free.

There’s no saying where the story will go now but then, you can never be quite sure with this team. They don’t tend to follow the beaten path. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Heard It Through the Grapevine – thoughts on ep 21-24

  1. My guess is that after Bommie leaves with the baby, the Hans will try to force IS to get custody of the baby by lying that Bommie is an unfit mother under the threat of losing his inheritance. That pushes IS too far, and he will leave the house rather than to hurt Bommie any further by trying to take the baby away from her. Without IS and without a grandson, the Hans will be defeated. But there is no way Bommie will return to the house. To protect their image, the Hans will “allow” IS, Bommie and the baby to live in their own house/condo.


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