This is where me and FFI part company

I give up. There are just too many frustrations for me to continue. I watched epis 11-12 with ever increasing feeling of… indifference. Mixed up with mild anger. Not even Teh Cute is enough to keep me watching. Without the cover of enjoyement the flaws are just too glearing. It’s such a paint-by-numbers and recycled plot that it feels like we are watching someting from ca. 2005. Such a pity they’ve resurrected the Crazy Second Lead of yester year again, I was quite happy without him/her stinking up the place.

I truly think that the whole thing would have been better as a 12 epi short with less corporate shenanigans, Joon Hee and revenge and more OTP high jinks. It could have been just a simple story about a man who get’s a change of heart, quite literally and finds true love. They could have bypassed all of Teh Crazy and run with the heartwarming and fun. But no such luck.

Dumbing down of Min Ho continues. I’ve seen comments justifying it by MH loosing the backing of Gold Partners but I’m not convinced. MH knew the ins and out of the company, he should have been prepared instead always getting the shorter end of the stick. Then there’s the thing with Joon Hee, the carbon copy. Everyone knows about MH’s past, the methods that gained him the Killer nickname. So why did he not forsee JH, now with Gold Partners behind him, stooping to the exact same methods? Since when has JH had an original idea? Well, one that works anyway. So this turn of events should have been quite obvious and possibly averted. That save by Deux ex Granny was bit lame, I would have preferred MH to be smart enough to do most of it himslef. I guess they needed to spotlight MH getting bitten by his own past. ‘You reap what you sow’ and ‘pay it forward’ – he got a dose of what it feels to be in the receivig end of being treated like shit and then being saved by someone his dad was kind to. There’s a lession in there, somewhere.

I also hoped they’d use Dong Wook’s memories of the accident in some meaningful way. Like there being something that would actually help identify the killer and put him behind bars. A button off JH’s suite maybe. So, MH recalls the watch but how does it help in any way? And what in the world made him give more ammunition to JH by hinting that he knows JH is the killer? That was so stupid!

The knowledge of MH’s heart transpalant is now out in the open and there’ll probably be 3 episodes of angst. I’m still willing to give enough credit for the writer and trust that the reveal doesn’t help JH in any way, at least when it comes to Soon Jung.

I’ll be keeping tabs on this via re-caps. I’m still qurious enough to want to know how they’ll wrap it all up.

6 thoughts on “This is where me and FFI part company

  1. Drama was disappointing to say the least. Oh and Min Ho ended up seeing something that helped identify the killer. But you probably read the recaps 😉 I watched it until the end but I was bored after a while. Struggle to finish the last epi today. Gosh, I’m posting a review soon. I don’t even have the strength rightnow, still, I want to share my perspective….probably this weekend, if not next week, I don’t know LOL!

  2. Yes…I’m so with you that they should have made it a simple, cute, sweet show about heart transplant without over-the-top revenge and corporate and murder elements.
    It’s like MH has become so dumb…I don’t think becoming a good person takes away your cleverness. And it always irritates me when characters directly confront the killers… Haha…that’s such a stupid thing to do 😀

    • I don’t know why kdramas have to follow a certain form so religiously. Break the mold sometimes! I’m heartly tired of silly, makjangy plots and I do wish they’d leave those to dailies and weekenders.

      Yeah, being a good person doesn’t mean you are brainless. Cheesh!

      • Well, it is indeed an old-fashioned drama having gone under severe face-lifting. I can live with that in this ocean of altered kdramas and blury genres. I don’t even mind the makjang-ish plots ( though, I’m getting a little confused when they use this corporate language full of terms unknown to me). The thing about the good persons who are not brainless is that they try to know their way around without hurting their fellowmen. That’s the vibe I get from this drama. The balance between what’s good for one person and what’s good for a larger part of the society. Can someone who works for a cold faceless multinational become a caring human being after having been on the verge of death in real life? I seriously doubt it. Does this urban legend of “organ memory” really exist ? I am sure it doesn’t. Is it possible for someone to loose focus and re-evaluate his principles of life? I guess so. Would a crush or a romance push a person in a different direction from what they had in mind? Well, Jane Austen and I are fully agreed on that: YES!!!

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