Falling For Innocence – drive-by post

I see what you are doing there, Show and I’m not all that thrilled about it. Time for episode 11 or thereabouts angst, folks.

Going by the latest ep we are about to witness Min Ho’s fall from grace for plotty reasons. Let’s see who the real friends and supporters are, eh? Joon Hee will gloat and feel smug because he was SO smart… not. It’s just that Min Ho got a bit dumber. Oh, I get it, it’s the bleeding heart! But why am I not buying the fact that all that lovey dovey has made our hero loose most of the qualities that made him such an effective corporate hunter before? Like keeping tabs and not trusting anyone he has business dealings with. Dumbing down the good guys is still lazy writing, even when you wrap it up in Teh Cute. It’s usualy done when the writer-nim can’t be bothered to figure out a good reason for the hero to suddenly loose enough IQ points to ignore the evitable. This is also one of my pet peeves but I generally just try to get past it because it’s so common. Unless it gets really in your face stupid.

I’m speculating here, but Joon Hee setting up Min Ho for a fall may eventually be a lesson of humility for him. JH is turning out to be one of these “crazy second leads who just don’t get it”. You know, one of those who’ll stoop to anything, including murder, to remove the competition. In their minds this equals she/he will welcome them with open arms and love. There is no logic in that but can you really expect a delusional nutjob to see that? If Joon Hee succeeds in stripping Min Ho of his money and position and getting him falsely accused of something MH hasn’t done, as I believe will happen, he expects Soon Jung to leave MH’s side as well. As several others around the blogverse already have mentioned, Joon Hee doesn’t know Soon Jung at all. Power, wealth and all the trappings mean squat to SJ, she was going to marry a cop, for crying out loud. JH’s own insecurities and low self esteem have put blinders on him in regards of SJ. He sees what he wants to see when it comes to her. If anything, I think this will make SJ even more determined to stick to MH’s side as that is what she promised, to protect him. Even more so because MH getting betrayed by people close to him is pretty much history repeating itself and she already feels apologetic for her father’s part in what happened to MH’s parents. Besides, I’ve never felt Soon Jung would have been romantically interested in Joon Hee even if Dong Wook hadn’t existed. Let’s be real, most of the times a friend is just a friend.

I also think that Joon Hee has a misconception that loosing all the material things will be a big blow to Min Ho. Yes, in a sense it probably will be but only because MH is then unable to protect the company and keep the factory going. I don’t believe money ever ment that much to MH, he expected to die so money was just means to achieve his revenge. It’s because JH is so hung up on his poor background that he seems to be totally unable to believe that wealth and the power it brings may not be all there is to others.

Edit… Didn’t watch the preview before. They are really going to go there? Make the jerk try to guilt trip Soon Jung to give up? Really show? Hopefully she won’t entertain any thoughts of noble idiocy but holds steadfast. It can be done, just watch the heroine in Daemang.

2 thoughts on “Falling For Innocence – drive-by post

  1. Well said! I watched ep 9 last night and then started ep 10 and promptly fell asleep. lol! Combo of tired body + dull plot lines….since I’ve been known to stay up REALLY late on my fav dramas. Agree with everything you said above….not a big fan of the yo yo’ing between JH and MH power struggle. And yeah, how did MH become so oblivious to these tactics since he was supposedly the one inflicting them to others before. At least for now….it has enough substance to keep me watching but my patience is wearing thin 🙂

    • I’m not really watching this for the plot, it’s always been for the OTP. 😉 Lovey Dovey very seldom keeps me entertained enough to keep watching but there is just something about Jung Kyung Ho as Min Ho and Kim So Yun as Soon Jung… I tend to FF through almost everything else but Min Ho/Soon Jung and Min Ho/Woo Shik scenes, LOL! If Show makes Soon Jung go all noble idiot on us, I’ll give up. There’s a limit to the appeal of Teh Cute when it comes wrapped up in Teh Stupid.

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