Heard It Through the Grapevine – thoughts on ep 19-20

Bommie’s turn to eat humble pie. Taking secretary Lee down a peg or two was a bit of a miscalculaton, she was too cocky and maybe drunk on her own power, just a little. To Bommie’s defence I have to say that she is still new to the whole power game and bound to drop the ball at times. Luckily she is a fast learner and doesn’t seem to make same mistakes again. I just hope she don’t become jaded. So far she seems to be herself at the core.

In Sang’s blow up revebrates all over, touching in some way just about everyone in the tight circle of people orbiting the Han couple. The timing wasn’t the best, to say the least but In Sang had been bottling up his anger and frustration for years and daddy dearest’s 2nd adolesence was the feather that finally broke the camel’s back. It was just bad luck it came on top of the revelation on Hansong’s shady business dealings. On the other hand, while daddy Han along with his trusted secretaries were caught up in the domestic drama, the group of conspirators inside Hansong were able to move on with their plans undetected. I say, these two episodes sometimes felt like I was watching a thriller. πŸ˜€

The sudden palace revolution was probably such a shock to Attorney and Madam Han because they were not expecting it. Oh, In Sang had already shown ‘an unfortunate’ tendency to fly off the handle but I bet the couple thought that he had been sufficienly placated. What came as an unwelcome surprise was Yi Ji joining the ranks of rebels. It’s quite plain now that the couple do not know their kids at all. How could they, when they have never taken any real interest in them. As long as In Sang and Yi Ji kept their true selves to themsleves and acted as outwardly obedient, their parents left them alone. And my, was that meeting with father and son painfully awkward?! They were like two people who are barely acquainted and not very fond of each other at that. Nothing to say what so ever. It was sad.

Reverting to medieval methods of ruling the household stinks of certain kind of desperation and now they have everyone grumpy, not just the children. While watching ep 20 for the second time I could not but to laugh at the stupidity of that plan. The whole thing is beyond silly. Neither daddy nor mommy Han is willing to tackle the real problem. Themselves. It is so much easier to put the blame on someone else and invoke martial law. It’ll bite them in the butt, mark my words. The foundation has already started shaking and the facade crack. Attorney Han’s mother has a lot to answer for.

Young Na is such a professional shit stirrer. She just loooooves to cause trouble. On the other hand it is kinda funny how nothing seems to stick to her. Getting belted with ice cubes shook her composure for just about one minute. Ha! She even managed to throw a last barb at daddy Han in passing. That lady will always land on her feet.

I really felt for Bommie’s parents. Caught between what’s best for their daugher and what’s best for uncle Chul Shik, wanting to support both but not being able to. Watching Hyeon Shik break down made my heart ache. What a contrast to the other household. No Ri is much more materialistic and shallow than her younger sibling but she does love her family and was visibly shaken to witness the distress of her parents.

It is such a joy to watch a drama this good.

3 thoughts on “Heard It Through the Grapevine – thoughts on ep 19-20

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your notes and comments on HITTG. What do you think is Je Hoon’s motive in dating No Ri? Is he serious or is he using her for some ulterior purpose?

    I wonder if In Sang and Bommie would ever consider playing their biggest trump card: taking their baby with them if they move out. Losing the baby from the household would kill Attorney and Madam Han. Unless Korean law would award custody to grandparents over natural parents?

    • Why, thank you. I rather enjoy writing my little rambles too, disjointed as they often tend to be. πŸ™‚

      I have been wondering about Je Hoon’s motives too. It feels like he is fond of No Ri but I don’t think he is actually considering anything permanent. He does have an agenda and I’d guess it has something to do with the case. Maybe even why he choose to be employed by Hansong in the end. So dating someone close to the people involved in that case could be a good move. But then, you never know with this crew. The threads in their stories have a tendency of going directions you didn’t think of. XD

      As of In Sang, Bommie and the baby. I seem to recall they touched on this subject in one of the early episodes and if I remember correctly, as long as the young couple are underage the grandparents (especially as they are this eminent) would win custody. Not sure if that’s just ‘drama law’ or if it would happen in RL too. I have no idea how the leagal system really works in S. Korea.


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