Sunshine Award 2015

Woot! Another award? 😉 The lovely Mr Kwon @ dramajjang has nominated me for a Sunshine Award. Thank you, Sir! I try to do my best with the answers.

As per usual, I’ll opt out of nominating anyone. I just don’t have enough new ‘friends’ to pass the baton to. Besides, I seriously suck at figuring out what to ask, ha.

So, on to my aswers then.

• Which drama bloggers you would like to meet in real life and why?
Oh, I’d love to meet each and any of those I’ve had pleasant discussions with over the past year or so. Why? – Because they are not “People Who Say What?!”

• Do you like traveling? Which place has left the greatest impact on you and you would like to visit again?
Yes and no. I like visiting places, new and old but I don’t actually like the traveling part itself. I hate flying and if there was some other, relatively quick way of getting from point A to point B I’d take it. I used to work in travel, so I’ve actually been a bit here and a bit there but a place to leave the greatest impact… maybe Andorra. The Pyrenees were awesomely majestic and I felt oddly at home there, I wouldn’t mind going back one day.

• Which is the movie that has scarred you gently for life?
I don’t think there is one, otherwise I’d come up with a name in minutes.

• Have you ever converted a person into a drama addict from point zero?
Yup 🙂

• Which is the currently airing drama you’re enjoying the most? Describe it in 5 words.
Heard It Through The Grapevine – intelligent, assured, fun, gorgeous, excellent

• Which drama figure you would like to be real in order to meet him/her and why?
Shin from Slingshot/Story of a Man – my one and only drama boyfriend. I’ve never ever become so smitten with a TV show character before or since. XD

• Do you have the same visual fetish with South Korean graves with great view presented in dramas as me? Yes or not and why?
Um… no – Kim Yu Shin’s grave in Gyeongju was a pretty awesome place though, so tranquil and beautiful. The view was nice too.

• Which is the album, song and/or artist (whether it’s k-pop or not) that has recently captured your attention?
How much time do you have? Let me grab that list… just kidding. I do tend to listen to a lot of kpop. At the moment I’m kinda addicted to Cross Gene’s ‘Play With Me’, it’s fun and I love the choreo. Shinhwa’s lates album is still on repeat, though it’s not exactly new anymore. Then there is just about anything Ha Dong Kyun has sung @ I Am a Singer this year. Try 제빌 (Please) for size, such raw emotions.

• Which is your favorite SLS figure and why?
What is SLS?

• If you could do anything, just anything at this very moment, what would you do?
Get a job that pays more than peanuts

• Have you ever thought of an ultra weird scenario you would like to see in a drama at some point?
Haven’t jdramas pretty much got the ‘ultra weird’ covered already? *g* If you don’t believe me, watch e.g. the movie that finishes off the original Keizoku series. Not sure what the makers were smoking but it sure was potent. o_O

3 thoughts on “Sunshine Award 2015

  1. You’re truly a commando, award given-award answered! 😀 It was like shotgun marriage in Japanese dramas XD You’re very welcome and thanks for replying back! Andorra! The Pyrenees must be just like you described them! I’m a ship-man, even if it takes hours with good company it’s kind of awesome relaxing on the deck, reading a book, drinking beer, listening to music with friends, etc!
    That’s awesome, you’re some sort of a drama-priest! The:) smiley proves your satisfaction, as if an achievement was unlocked 😀 I haven’t had the chance to convert someone yet >.> Totally agree on HITTG, this drama is captivating! “So tranquil and beautiful. The view was nice too.” That’s the way i see it, it gives you the impression as if the soul has finally found some rest or something. Great interpretation on the song!
    Ah, SLS is Second Lead Syndrome 😀 Your answer on the job was realistic, but meaningful, more than peanuts = more dreams to be accomplished! But you’re right, Japanese dramas have pretty much captured a wide variety of odd scenarios! Haven’t watched the one you mentioned, but as soon as dramas let me, i’ll give it a shot!
    Thanks a lot once again for replying!

    • HaHa… I’m not usually this speedy but the nomination came at an opportune moment, when I happened to have some time to spare and I felt ‘inspired’. 🙂

      Well, I’ve only managed to convert just one person so far and that was an easypeasy job, ha. Also my sister is now watching stuff with me every once in a while though.

      Second Lead Syndrome! Of course, how did I forget that one? I don’t generally suffer from it so maybe that’s why…

      Re. the Keizoku movie. I guess it could work as a standalone too but I’d suggest you watch the drama and the following SP first, as you’ll miss some context otherwise. The whole thing is awesomely strange and gets weirder as the story progresses. It’s actually one of my fave jdramas. 😀 There should be a rec post of a sort somewere here, in case you are interested. As far as I can recall, it’s not spoilery.

      • It was the perfect timing then 😀 Even though it’s only one person, it feels like a grandiose attempt, not everyone is “convertable” ( xD ) and they usually mistake for you baboya when you start talking about Korean things while they refer to them as Chinese lol Good for your sister, my sister watches stuff with me sometimes, but only movies, from time to time i show her scenes that made me cry from laughter in dramas!
        I’ll keep the Keizoku dramovie parts in my plan to watch list and hopefully enough it will happen soon! Will invest in your thoughts within these days!

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