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Even though I truly appreciate those rare dramas that are great through and through, a drama doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ for me to enjoy it. Just as long as it has even a half way decent script, doesn’t bore me to tears and there are none of my major pet peeves, I’m pretty much ok. I’ve loved many a mediocre drama just because there was something that clicked, that appealed to me. Often the deciding factor is the characters. If I looked at the dramas I’m currently watching thorough a harsh, critical lens I’d say only IHTTG would come up smelling roses. But that’s not how I watch dramas. I’m not a critic and I like what I like, even if I can’t for the life of me always tell why. XD

Falling For Innocence
Every once in a while I pick up a drama that objectively speaking isn’t much to write home about, yet I find myself looking forward to each new epi. FFI is one of those and I’m watching it entirely for the OTP. The corporate shenanigans, the murder mystery and the other relationships are totally secondary and I care for those only in relation to the OTP. I’m actually loving every scene with the two and don’t mind watching them more than once. 🙂 How come this year I’ve chosen several romcoms, a genre that’s not usually my cup of tea? Who knows… The story is now at the midway point and I guess it’s time for the usual (pointless) angst. Hopefully they’ll get past that as briskly as possible so we don’t have to suffer for it more than an epi or two. They do have to handle the stuff about the heart transplant and how it affects the OTP so I’m willing to give them a few episodes to get that settled.

Missing Noir M
I grew up reading traditional whodunnits and watching copious British murder mysteries. There is something very soothing in the cookie-cutter formatting of this kind of stories. I like puzzles and the best part of these shows/books was always the hunting for clues. Come to think of it, I don’t really care all that much for the outcome of the investigations or what happens after the criminal is caught (hence I’ve never been into law/court shows) but rather I like the journey to whatever conclusion the story is going. I guess this is why I enjoy watching Missing Noir M even if it doesn’t demand much from me and I’m not all that invested in the characters either. The drama does resemble many a traditional British mystery/cop show in its execution. Despite of the subject matter MNM is a pretty pleasant watch.

A Girl Who Sees Smells
I never had too high hopes for this one. It was undemanding and I mainly stuck to it for teh cute that is Chunnie. 😉 Some people seem to have had problems with plotholes, inconsistences and other little blemishes, which I never even noticed until they were pointed out @ DB’s comment section, ha. I can understand why they would bother some viewers, we all have our pet peeves. These just don’t hapeen to be mine. I didn’t even have a beef with the dumbing down of the good guys and the manly inefficient Keystone Cops. That is, untill the show decided to trot out my own main pet peeve; The Super Villain and its most annoying subgenre, The Genious Serial Killer. I lost all interest in the drama then and there. I know, I know it’s all very random and kinda silly but that particular feature is enough to make me unreasonably pissed off even reading re-caps. It’s been my pet peeve for a looooong time and doesn’t seem to get any less annoying over the years.

The Water Bloom aka People of the Water Flower Village
So, to cleanse my palate after TGWSS I decided to pick up an older drama I’ve had stored away for a while. It isn’t actually all that old (2004) but the execution makes it feel like something from the 1990’s. The Water Bloom is a very simple but heartwarming story about the daily life of the people in this small rural village outside of Seoul. I just loved how good it made me feel. It was nice thinking that maybe there really are places like this, where people are genuinely generous and loving, always ready to help out those in need. Their lives were not without strife and mishaps or arguments and misunderstandings but everything always got settled for the best in the end. The story doesn’t really have a central character but the focus moves from people to people, highlighting some events in their lives. It also has a pretty cute but understated romance in the mix. There were tears but the balance was always in the good cheer and laughter. There are several familiar faces in the older cast, like Song Il Gook, Lee Bo Young, Kang Nam Gil to mention a few and also a very young Ryu Deok Hwan playing the teenage brother to LBY’s character. Show got quite few good laughs on him. *g* I love this type of feel-good dramas.

There are also couple of jdramas I’m tentatively interested in as they look like something right up my alley. I’ve already watched the 1st ep of Liquid and it looks rather good. Another one I’ve been eyeing for a long time now is Tenno no Ryoriban. I hope someone subs it as otherwise it’s a no-go and that would be a shame as I really want to watch it.

5 thoughts on “Drama grab bag

  1. I have yet to start Missing Noir M. But I’m starting it this week because Kim Kang Woo is one of my favorite actors, he almost can’t do no wrong in my eyes LOL!!!

    Love love love Falling For Innocence, and I had second lead syndrome until episode 8, but the funny thing is that both guys are actually equally terrible. They just started evolving differently. One for the better one for the worst. Soon-Jeong had the right one the first time I guess LOL! So far I think she’s quite unlucky. Let’s cross fingers for a happy ending!

    As for TGWSS, I can understand you. NGM is actually one of my favorite actors and I think this role is so different from the “perfect nice guy” he often plays. Plus he looks so innocent the contrast is makes it all creepier. Though I’m not “in love” with the Chef per se – after all he’s a killer here LOL. But yeah if genius serial killers is a pet peeve of yours + NGM rubs you off the wrong way I can’t blame you. I totally get the rubbing you off the wrong way part. I have the same kind of feeling for Lee Seung-Gi. maybe worse because I have never managed to watch one drama with him because of this. I started GuMiho because Shin Min-ah was in it but dropped it really fast, UGH!!!

    • Missing Noir M is ok but I kinda can’t help wishing it was a little more… well, thrilling. Even though the cases are quite interesting and there are twists a-plenty, something seems to be missing. Perhaps the fact that I’m nor feeling the characters much, there’s no real connection. I still enjoy watching it but have no compunction to rewatch or even think about the episodes once I’m done with them. I’m kind of feeling that Kim Kang Woo and Park Hee Soon are rather underutilised too, both are capable of much more.

      Hah, I think I’ve mostly seen NGM play jerks but I don’t think that’s the reason for my ‘aversion’. There’s just something about the guy, how he depicts his characters that almost without a fail starts to annoy me at some point. I don’t ‘hate’ him at sight or anything like that though. 🙂 It’s odd how some actors/actresses seem to ‘click’ with you from the get go and some just never manage to win you over, no matter how good they are.

  2. I’m a huge fan of mysteries, whodunnits, solving clues and puzzles and even serial killer thrillers. But I couldn’t give a try to Missing Noir M because I think it’s very gritty and gory..is it? That I cannot watch!

    But it was clear in the first eps itself that there is gonna be a serial killer in AGWSS…the cops are so incompetent that I don’t give damn about them but I did found the main villain creepy and the cute is so cute that I forgive every other flaw..haha

    Wow. I never heard of this 2004 show. I think the drama at that time had a very different vibe from today’s shows and it’s great to watch them once in a while.

    • Missing Noir M is actually one of the least gory OCN dramas. Yes, it’s gritty and twisty but most of the violence is off screen and we only get to see the aftermath. The stories concentrate on soving the crimes and the reasons behind them, the take is more on the psychologial side.

      Oh, I knew about the serial killer in AGWSS and couldn’t care less about that but they just had to make him a fracking geeeenius. So sharp that he’d cut himself if he wasn’t careful. ;P That’s what irritates me to no end. I just can’t with those. Besides, NGM always manages to rub me the wrong way so him+this char is a combo guaranteed to boost my annoyance level to n:th power, ha.

      I’m pretty sure most people have never heard of The Water Bloom. It’s one of those more obscure dramas I seem to be fond of, LOL! The whole show can be found Eng. subbed in YT. Quality is not very good though.

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