Heard It Through the Grapevine – thoughts on ep 15-18

This pic pretty much sums up me during most of the run of the recent episodes of “Attorney Han’s 2nd Adolesence”. XD

The guy is such a big doofus underneath all that posturing and veneer of professonalism. He may be the ace in law and wheeling and dealing but when it comes to basic human interactions and especially matters of the heart, the guy clearly hasn’t got a clue. These episodes also gave us some inclination of why he’s turned out the way he is. He really was treated like some sort of princeling and ‘educated’ accordingly. I can’t believe his mother pimped pretty college girls for him! Ewww… I was gagging along with secretary Lee. No wonder he has no idea how to actually treat women or how to ineract with them, he never got the chance to learn. His sudden decent into a lovesick adolecent is hilarious has hell but it’s also sad. Despite of his whement oppostion of anything to do with feelings, I think that deep down there is yarning for love and togetherness. His behavior is also affecting other people in a way he’s not even aware of. The selfish git.

Madam Young Ra has been far to clever for her own good and her petty scheam turned around and bit her in the butt. Ha! She brobably thought she’ll just seduce Attorney Han, have a little fling and then part ways amably. Just as she’s no doubt done before. Now the lady is stuck with a lovesick fool who just won’t get it and things are snowballing our of proposition. She truly mis-calculated this time. Serves her right. πŸ™‚

Bommie, her family and In Sang are the positively charged emotional core of the story. There is tangible warmth in their scenes, even when things don’t go exactly their way. The love and support is always apparent. It’s almost funny how much of an unicorn In Sang is turning out to be in that family. How did he grow into a decent human being in that environment? Mind boggles. I wonder how much of a turning poit ep 18 is for our young couple? In Sang learned some hard truths about his eminent father. He is such a straight arrow with a conscience himself that it must have been a blow to find out that all the rumours about daddy and Hanseong are actually true. Then on top of that he finds out about the philandering. It’s perfectly inline with his character that he agonises a bit and then blows his top. The timing was NOT the best so I’m a bit apprehensive how things will turn out now. At least Teacher Park was able to deliver some sobering facts for daddy dearest too. Attorney Han and his cadre of old cronies is about to become yesterday’s news. The young are the future and the future may not be quite what Attorney Han thinks. Even Je Hoon is harbouring a different agenda, it seems.

This show is one of those where nothing much seems to happen but actually there is a lot going on. It doesen’t have the usual full blown, makjang induced underlining of scenes of most shows, so things just look that way. I’m really enjoying the pace, one of the advantages of having a higher epi count. If HITTG was your run of the mill drama it’d probably have run our of things to say midway through and started dragging already but with this team I don’t have such concerns. They clearly have a goal they are heading for and a framework with how to do it. Nothing is there ‘just because’ but rather even the little things that look insignificant turn out to have a meaning. I also love the attention to detail when it comes to the sets. They are gorgeous and perfectly representative of the of the people inhabiting them. The episodes may not be as hilariously outrageous as in the beginning but I’m still giggling aloud every episode. How could I not when they give us such an amusing view into the absurdities of the lives of Attourney Han and those orbiting around him and his family. And yet, it’s all anchored into the reality behind the amusing. The trials and tribulations of these characters, the trumphs and little victories too. The flow of everyday life as they experience it. I guess HITTG is more of a slice-of-life drama than expected. I’m loving it!

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