Liebster Award

A while back I got nominated for a Liebster Award by hankimi91 @ dramajjang – thank you very kamsa!

I’m not going to nominate anyone myself this time but here are finally my aswers for hanakimi91’s questions:

1. What was the first drama you watched and how you ended up watching it?
Well, I already answered this in the Sisterhood post so I’ll just copy and paste… My gateway drug to the world of dramas in general was The Legend (k-drama). Way back when the drama community in LJ was still quite active, someone on my f-list posted a set of gorgeous icons. I asked her what show/movie they were from as I’d love to watch it. She pointed me to the right direction and the rest, as they say, is history. ^^ My first j-drama was probably KimuTaku’s Pride but that came quite a bit later. For the life of me I can’t remember the first c-drama I watched but I’m pretty sure it was something overly saccharine and fluffy.

2. Was there a drama/movie you felt described your life or your situation the most, or a character of the drama/movie you felt he/she was a lot like you at a certain period of time?
Ummmm… no

3. What time of the day you enjoy watching dramas/movies the most?
Any time! Ha ha!

5. Favourite food/sweets to eat while watching dramas/movies.
I don’t usually eat anything while watching but if I do it depends on the time of the day and if I’ve already have my regular meal. Weekends I might make some coffee and have that with whatever sweet thing I may have available.

6. Did you change your fashion style after getting into Asian culture? If you did, how you changed?
Nope. Asian styles just aren’t my thing at all. I practically live in jeans, I have far too many pairs, in different colors (though most tend to be blue) and textures, full length and capris. I do wear skirts or dresses during summer if it gets hot but that’s about it. I tried to picture myself in the styles I see Asian ladies of my age wearing and just died laughing. No, just no. XD

7. Do you ever feel that drama/movies boyfriends makes it hard to choose a boyfriend in real life because of the perfection.
Hmmm…. could be but I’m kinda picky to start with so it’s not like dramas have made that big a difference, ha.

8. Choose a song that describes your life now.
Can’t think of any that’ll fit.

9. What’s your favourite movie of all times and why?
There are a couple I like a lot and do re-watch from time to time (e.g. Indian Summer, Beautiful Girls, That Thing You Do, the orignal Star Wars movies…) but I don’t have a particular favorite to top them all. Funny thing is that they are all form way back, I haven’t really been impressed with anything in the past 10-15 years and don’t actually watch that many movies anymore.

10. Did you read as a kid, what books do you remember and why?
Hell yeah! I learned to read when I was around 4-5 and my mother told me that I’ve loved books since I was a wee baby, even before I learned my letters. She used to sit me on a blanket on the floor with plenty of kiddie books and I would be totally happy for ages. Both my parents are avid readers so I guess I inherited my love for books from them. I don’t really remember any books from when I was very small but I do remember loving anything with adventure when I got a bit older. Back in the day books in libraries were often categorized in “girls’ books and boys’ books” and it was the boys’ section I usually headed for first. There was a time I was totally hooked on westerns, dem cowboys and injuns and gunslingers, LOL! I’ve also always loved anything with historical settings.

6 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. I’ve seen only 1st Star Wars movie but I’m planning to watch all from the original franchise pretty soon. There is no WiFi here (at least for a few days) and so with no new drama EPs, I’ll have lots of time to catch up on my movies!

    I also wear mostly jeans. Skirts mainly at home and dresses when there is a party. And yes, the traditional wear (kurtis and salwars). I can never wear those killer heels but for parties, I do wear some heel.

    The earliest things I read were comics, then came those cute, pretty fairy tale books and finally Nancy Drew, which I still read to get that nostalgic feel of my school days 🙂

    • I love the original Star Wars movies, even if the 2nd one kinda faltered in certain aspects. They are way better than the 2nd set. I also appreaciate the craftmanship of the original FX as it was all painstakingly hadcrafted, no computers to do the stuff in those days.

      Oh, I read Nancy Drew too. There are several other girls’ books that I loved and re-read many times. In fact I still do, from time to time. Many of them classics.

    • I wouldn’t exactly call them ‘girls’ as I’m long past that age. Think of ahjummas of uncertain age and you’d be closer to the actual truth.^^ Not that I’d be seen dead having any of the clothes the youngsters wear in dramas. Those ittybitty skirts and killerheel shoes. No way jose! 😀

      My mother read to me from early on and she also taught me the alphabet. Apparently I was a fast learner. *g*

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