Heard It Through the Grapevine – thoughts on ep 13-14

Hate to admit it but but Attorney Han’s actually got a point on Bommies family, especially on Daddy Seo and big sis No Ri. I like Seo Hyun Shik, he’s a good daddy and has a big heart but he is also very clueless and naive. He doesn’t seem to have any business sense either. Then there is No Ri, the silly bint. Did she actually think she could snag a well off guy that way? For a girl who is supposedly bright that was a pretty dimwitted thing to do. She was way in over her head with that pool of piranhas she was hobnobbing with. None of those rich kids is anywhere near like In Sang, who’s an anomaly, or to put it like Attorney Han, he’s a mutant. Both In Sang and Bommie are not what I’d call a typical representative of their class and background. I think No Ri was momentarily blinded by greed and envy. She has probably always been a bit envious of her younger sister and Bommie marrying into a wealthy and influental family just tipped things over. If she just knew what it really means to be the daughter-in-law of such a family. Of course, she doesn’t have a clue as Bommie’s not telling. Mommy Seo is probably the only one who has even an inkling of what is going on. On the whole she seems more knowledgeable and levelheaded than the rest of the family.

In Sang bonding with Daddy Seo was sweet. He seems to be more at home with the Seos than in his own home. Which isn’t all that strange really, considering how his parents are. It was nice to finally hear how he and Bommie met. So, he basically fell in love with her brain, ha. The kids are a match made in heaven, they do complement each other and make a good team. Bommie was great as per usual. She is learning the ropes scarily fast but it was kinda awesome to watch her put snotty secretary Lee on her place. I’ve said it before but you better not get on the wrong side of the young madam.

Gotta give it to Attornay Han, he is smart with a good eye on detail. If he just had a heart to go with that, he’d be almost perfect. At least he still brings on the funnies, him + baby stroller = comedy gold. XD I love it how these little snippets always spoil the image we otherwise see. He’s just SO very silly!

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