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Heard It Through the Grapevine
The past couple of episodes toned down the hilairty conciderably as it concentrated in fleshing out all the main players and some of the others as well. HITTG still brings out the funnies but it’s more subtle. That is actually one of the staples of this director/writer duo, humour that rises from the absurdities of the situations and how the characters act. It’s just that HITTG is a shade darker in tone than say, A Wife’s Credentials or Secret Love Affair. I think that to get the full effect of the episodes one should actually watch everything at least twice. There are so many small details in each scene that you really can’t process them all with just one viewing. I always notice something new when I re-watch but lately I’ve unfortunately had too little time to do this.

Attorney Han is SUCH a pompious ass with delusions of grandeur! I don’t know how they do it but he’s aggrivating, hilarious and pitifull, all at the same time. It’s funny and infuriating how everything he says tends to come out as a royal edict. The dude actually seems to believe he is some sort of royalty. He is, of course, entitled to his delusions. As a wealthy, priviliged man backed up with power and connections it is easy to don the ’emperor’s new clothes’ and have everyone bow to your grandeur. Even when you aren’t actually wearing anything. I don’t think we can lay everything at Attorney Han’s door though, as this is the way he was brought up. To believe he is above everyone else and especially above the ‘dirty unwashed masses’ whom should be kept as far off as humanely possible, by any means available. “We shall not mingle with the rabble”. The condencending way the Han Couple treats us ondinary punters is just 4%&#!@*!!. It fair makes my commoner blood boil, ha. I really hope something or someone will bring them down to their knees and teaches them some necessary humility.

Bommie is such a smart cookie. I think she is a lot smarter than In Sang and probably will one day outshine everyone in that household. I just hope she won’t loose her true self in the process of assimiliting herself within the borg family. I may be totally wrong but I see the final showdown being between Attorney Han and Bommie. They are the true brains of the family, though their smarts are different. Attorney H is cunning and conniving whereas Bommie’s intelligence has a lot of common sense and heart to it. She is clearly the wiser of the two, even though she is so much younger. Both Attorney Han and Madam can be incredibly juvenile in their actions.

We are one third along the way with the drama and things are moving in an assured pace. The last few episodes have been more sedate but it’s always calm before a storm so I’m pretty sure that before long something will pop up to make things more ‘lively’.

Missing Noir M
I’m totally onboard with this one. The fist two episodes are a two-parter as per usual. The fist epi was a bit on the slow side but the 2nd one kicked up the intensity several notches. I liked that everything is not exactly what you’d think based on the 1st ep. I think quite a few got fooled by the red herring. I was pretty sure things would not be as clear cut as they seemed and I was right, though I didn’t guess where the actual twist lay. I found the first crime story intiguing and the characters interesting. They haven’t yet told us much about the main players but I guess we’ll learn as we go. There has already been some tantalising glimpses into Gil Soo Hyun’s past and I’m dying to know more. One thing I can do without is a drama long arch with a super villain. Been there, done that and we are not amused by that particular plot point at all, so hopefully they will not go that route. Definitely one of the better offerings from the Overly Cruel Network and based on just these two epis I’ll probably like it more than Bad Guys. Just a prefence on how things are presented. Now, all I need are subs. I was rather strugling with my rudimentary Korean here. XD Oh, and don’t look at the correlation chart @ Dramawiki if you don’t want to be spoiled. It gives out far too much info on the 2nd ep twist.

Unkind Women
Dropped. The plot was getting less and less intersting and the characters had started to irritate. Though I’m generally ok with the typically claustrophobic world of kdramas where everyone and I mean everyone are connected, there were just one coincidence too many in this one. I watched the last two episodes feeling utterly bored and with a rather liberal use of the ff-button. I don’t have time for dramas that tend to put me to sleep.^^

A Girl Who Sees Smells
The first two episodes were sort of promising though I’m not feeling much glee nor connection with the story and characters yet. Its mixture of fun and serious was in a balance, so no whiplash from sudden tonal shifts. I’ll give it a few more episodes to settle down and to see if it’ll be worth keeping. As things stand now, AGWSS could work as bit of a filler for other more demanding dramas. We’ll see.

I’ve also tried out the first epi of Falling For Innocence. It’s an odd mixture of bit of this and bit of that. Not quite sure what to make of it yet. Nothing to truly grab my interest there but I guess I’ll have to watch a few more episodes before I’ll make up my mind.

4 thoughts on “Drama grab bag

  1. Oh wow, I was considering giving a try to Unkind Women!!! Is it really that bad?

    As for Missing Noir M, I have yet to start it so I didn’t read your entire entry on it (I didn’t know if there were spoilers), but I’ll read all of it once I’ve seen it.

    I totally enjoyed AGWSS so far. I’m still waiting to see how far the chemistry between the two will go, so far they have more of a “buddy-buddy” relationship, but I love the pair. I actually feared a disaster with Shin Se-Kyung, but I was surprised. But oh well, we can’t all love the same thing.

    I love this “Drama Grab Bag” kind of post, especially the title 🙂

    • I wouldn’t say ‘Unkind Women’ is bad per se, just not all that interesting. It’s pretty much your garden variety family drama, though a little less makjangy than some, at least so far. This is just my take on it, so try it out to see if it’s more up to your alley. Family dramas tend to be more or less the same and after ‘Yoo Na’s Street’ I’m spoiled as that was SO good and subtly different. Yes, I count YNS as a family drama too as that’s what it mostly resembles. 😉 I tend to get easily bored these days so when a drama dishes out more of the same my attention wanders and I loose interest pretty darned fast.

      Oh, I don’t think I gave anything vital away in the ‘Missing Noir M’ section. I try to avoid blatant spoilers in these pieces if I can.

      Heh, I don’t have time for more in depth posts these days, so a Grab Bag it is. At least I get to say something on the dramas I’m watching.

      • I’ve been seeing “YooNa’s Street” on the blogosphere a LOT lately, I just googled it, 50 episodes… goodness I’m about to finish a drama of 102 episodes, a first for me, and it happened “by accident”, it’s too hard for someone as easily distracted as me. How long does each epi last?

        • The episodes are normal length, so it’s 60min? I never counted as I never noticed the length, ha. While I waited for YNS to get fully subbed (yup, watched it raw all the way) I started re-watching it from the beginning (with subs) but had to put it on hold because… no time. My current drama schedule isn’t all that full so I’ll probably continue at some point. It’s the best drama I saw last year, hands down. It didn’t even get draggy, which was a first.

          Ah, those 100+ dailies can be a bit of ‘work’. I’ve tried a few but only managed to watch two all the way through. ‘Just You’ (128 epis), which wasn’t bad as dailies go. The other one is the brilliant ‘I live in Cheongdam-dong’ (170 epis), one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched. It’s such a pity there are no subs for it.

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