Heard It Through the Grapevine – squee post ^^

This drama! Seriously. I just about died laughing. That ending of ep 4 was… freaking HILARIOUS!!! That was possibly one of the worst formal meetings of parents-in-laws ever. Everything started out oh so genteel, fake-civil & courteous, forced smiles plastered on et al. Then, things just started snowballing, going from bad to worse till the whole thing sort of ‘exploded’. XD I laughed till I cried and just could.not.stop. I have a cold so I ended up with a bad coughing fit and almost choked. LOL!

That whole household is so strange and I kept wondering how the kids turned out this well despite of the parents, but then I remembered that they were actually more or less raised by the servants. No wonder that even after such a short time In Sang is already closer to Seo Bom’s parents than to his own. But, Mr and Mrs A-Pole do provide loads of laughs, when they are not plotting and being superior to everyone, that is. And yet, there are surprisingly sweet moments with them and the adorable baby. Gramps especially seems to be really taken with the tyke.

Gotta give it to TPTB. I don’t know how they manage to have me guaffing at things that objectively thinking shouldn’t be funny. They make us see the absurdity of these situations. Of course the really serious stuff is still serious and clearly shown to be so. This show is full of contrasting shadows, some darker than others, with just a few spots of light anywhere. A lot like the Han family mansion.

The round robin they do, panning from one room to another and from all the different groups of people to another… love it. I have this odd feeling I’m actually there, invisible.

I need to watch ep 4 again with subs as I’m pretty sure I missed some important stuff in the dialog.

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