First impressions: Heard it Through the Grapevine


How much did I love the creepy music playing when the kids entered the Han mansion. LOL!

Oh my! This is going to be a hoot. LOL! I can also say it’s definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. 역시 안판석이다! With the rather heavy topic of teen preagnancy as one of the topics of the drama, I was wondering where the black comedy would come from but I’m already giggling like a loon. XD And that was just the 2nd EP. The first episode is your assured, gorgeously filmed PD Ahn with a hint of things to come but the 2nd epi… ROFL! Yup, it’s ‘black’ allright. I’m both gleeful and ‘afraid’ of what’s in store for us. The families couldn’t be any different. In Sang’s parents are so delighfully ‘butter woudn’t melt in their mouth’ proper and a-poley that I’m all gleeful to see how this ordinary *ghasp, shock, horror* girl is going to upset their perfectly manicured lives. She feels like someone with a mind of her own. In Sang is a sweet kid but such a wuss. I get the feeling that hooking up with Seo Bom is the first rebellious thing he’s ever done. That’s Young Lurve for you. 🙂

In typical PD Ahn way we are thrown right in the middle of the story and left to fend for ourselves, ha. Pace is brisk and I’m already looking forward to how things are not going to go exactly as planned by Mr and Mrs A-pole. I love the servants in the Han household. Save for Daddy Han’s secretary maybe, they are all for the young couple. Yup, this has the makings of this year’s crack drama for me.


12 thoughts on “First impressions: Heard it Through the Grapevine


  2. This sounds promising! 🙂 I’d been wondering how this would turn out.. Black comedy is such a different tone from the arty melo of SLA. It’s definitely a good sign that you’re liking it tho! 🙂

    • The first two epis were a very good start. But then, I never really doubted that – not with the trackrecord of this crew. 🙂 There’s just something in the way they look at things that appeals to me, no matter what form the story takes. I’m really so forward to next week.^^

    • Time flies. It sort of snuck up on me as well. I’ve somehow ended in the ‘too many dramas, too little time’ spot once again. And there I was lamenting for not having much to watch just a moment ago.

      • Heh we have all been there ^^
        At least I’ll be done with Rooftop Prince in the next couple of days.
        But’s its going to be hard to resist the temptation of starting Secret Garden and all the new dramas look so good.

    • The first 2 episodes were a great introduction to all the players. I’m expecting good things to come from this drama…. and maybe even some spot on commenting from you. 😉

      I’m going to check out Unkind Women as well. Kim Hye Ja!!

      • I sobbed a little and burst out laughing at end of the first ep ( I still haven’t fathom y I burst out laughing nervously….just coz of the relief it did not go full on morbid?!) ! And sharing your exact impression with the music cue at the mansion and theh mansion itself. I feel like a child entering a fine china museum or something where I should be house envy but more holding my breath spooked, afraid of breaking a speck of dust, disturbing the semblance of staged perfection in a bell jar of uppercrust.

        I only had time to check out ep1 though, but I am so in for the ride. I honestly have no idea where the Ahn-Jung team will go, but I wanna be there! I’m just grateful I can be back on their fangirl wagon after SLA which I just can’t get into. (I know it’s me not drama…)

        • The 1st ep just sort of hints at things and introduces the characters but in the 2nd we’ll get a tantalising peek behind the facade of the deceptive perfection of Han family. I get oddly gleeful every time I think of the epi and how the parents reacted to the whole ‘our son has a preagnant commoner girlfrend we knew nothing about!’ situation. Ha! I don’t understand how PD Ahn and wirter-nim do it but this story is both morbid and really funny. The spotless ‘museum’ the Hans live in gives me the creeps. At least the servants are human. It’ll be really interesting to see where the story is heading. I’m looking forward to next week.

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