Curious case of not lovin’ Healer

It’s a funny feeling to be outside of the squee circle. Things look different from this side but as this is not my first time of being outside looking in, I’m sort of comfortable all by me lonesame. 🙂 I’ve never been your typical drama fan as it is.

So, Healer. Not happy with the current state of things. Episode 16 actually made me angry. There’s no real reason to feel this strongly but I guess it all boils down to disappoinment. For the utterly predictable, cookie cutter trajectory of the story. Song Ji Na is seasoned and good enough writer to avoid making Healer a carbon copy of all other similar dramas but she still keeps to the basic format almost to a T. Ep 15 was full of lovey-dovey and cute moments, so it was almost given that the next epi would serve us wall to wall angst. It did. With the typical dumbing down the hero for plotty purposes on the side. So, instead of feeling excited I got grumpy.

I’ve never been a particlar fan of the ending angst-fest and these days I just find it annoying and manipulative. You can do better! Look at Misaeng, they managed to make you invested in just about anything. I bet that if they’d tried, they’d probably been able to turn counting paper clips into high drama, LOL! The ‘high octane’ moments were also doled out throughout the drama and not bunched in some predetermined point according to ‘Tried and Trusted Kdrama Formula’. Gimme diversity! Surprise me, dammit!

I sometimes think that the Healer fandom has a few loose ones. *g* Oh, I’ve certainly been there, done that myself but I’ve given up reading the DB comment section as there are just far too many posts, mostly saying exactly the same thing. Then there are those who apparently think that having contary thoughts on their darling drama means you are a sore looser with no taste what so ever. Never claimed to have any. Taste, that is.

9 thoughts on “Curious case of not lovin’ Healer

  1. I’m not a fan of Healer too. And I just wonder why so many international fans like it. Actually, Healer wasn’t popular in Korea at all. Even if we talk about IPTV or online streaming, they did just average not booming like It’s Okay It,s Love, Pinocchio or Discovery of Love which known had average TV ratings but huge ratings on online streaming. Maybe not my cup of coffee. I like Punch better even though it wasn’t popular but yeah…as you said the taste..

    • I think it all boils down to the ‘swoony’ romance and cute OTP. That seems to be what so many international fans crave for in a drama. Which is probably why I’m so often on the other side of the fence, not hot on romance in me action/mystery/thriller pieces. Take the OTP and their romance out of Healer and what’s left? Nothing much, I’d say. The story outside of the romance is rather uninteresting, especially as the aspect that would have interested me more, aka the parent’s back story, was used more or less as rather unimportant filler. Oh well, each to their own… Haven’t watched Punch yeat, I’m saving it for a rainy day. 🙂

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  3. I tried this thrice, the third timeeven going against my will just to see what the massive fandom sees… just nothing really hooking. And with my annoying intolerance if plastics, the OTP has an uphill battle to begin with and the fact i did not fall in love with the hottie JCW which, unpopular opinion of mine is being a poser rather than convincing me his character… the sum of alrights justdid not add to a drama i care to watch much.

    • My tolerance for ‘plastics’ is a lot higher so I have no beef with the OTP. They make a cute couple but I’m just not all that invested in them or their problems. Oh, JCW’s been pretty good in the later episodes but he’s still got a long way to go. He does nothing to me though – very few young actors do, actually.

  4. I’m delurking to tell you that you’re not alone. I think Healer is just an okay drama that happened to have one of my fav element— double identity (I’m a sucker for the Clark Kent by day, Superman by night sort of thing) with an OTP done right but if you strip it down to its bare bones there’s nothing incredibly phenomenal about how the story’s written, there’s nothing that’s not been done before. Oddly enough, my squee-level is actually inversely proportional to the amount of rave that drama’s receiving. Misaeng was the only drama that not only manages to live up to its well-deserving hype but has also more than exceeded my expectations every single time. Just when we think that drama couldn’t possible get any better than this, we get yet another amazing episode to ponder on. I guess I’m going to have a hard time not comparing every single drama to Misaeng after being treated to such a rare gem (because drama has clearly shown that achieving the triple trifecta of phenomenal acting, writing and directing is not impossible). So yeah…you’re definitely not alone in not getting all spazzy about Healer. :)))

    • Heh, good to know I’m not the only one with a divergent opinion around. 🙂 Yes, overdone hype gets old pretty fast and at some point gets rather off-putting too.

      Misaeng is hard to top, that’s for sure. Yoo Na’s Street got everything right as well but as a long weekender and a more down to earth one too, it was a given it’d never get the sort of following the more traditional, shorter fare does. It didn’t have any pretty, young things either. Just mostly well rounded seasoned actors – loved it!

  5. I’m enjoying Healer but the love has not reached to such a high level as I’m seeing everywhere. Come on people, we have seen better OTPs and better thrills and chills before!

    I did not get the chance to see ep 15 and 16…I’m glad you didn’t spoil that in this post 😛

    • Yup, the adulation has crossed the line into ridiculous, imho. Healer is definitely not the best drama evah.

      I try to avoid spoilers in my general posts about dramas and if I feel like commenting on something specific, I’ll hide the text or but a warning up. 🙂

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