New year, new dramas

As dramas in the past few years go, Healer is pretty decent. I like the characters and the story is good enough to draw you in. But… I haven’t gone gaga over it like so many of the international drama fans seem to have. The latest DB episode recap thread has 2000+ comments!!! o_O Mind boggles. The last time I felt The Squee! that keenly myself was back in the days of SKKS. Ah, the copious gushing going on @ Thundie’s Prattle. Sometimes I think I’ve lost the ability to squee as I don’t seem to go for it even with the shows I love. Or Maybe I’ve just become too old and too jaded. I do like the cast though. Ji Cang Wook – there is something very captivating about the boy. He is adorable as the bumbling Park Bong Soo-persona. πŸ™‚ Park Min Young is really fun to watch too. I think this is the most I’ve liked her in a role. Looks like she is finally starting to step outside of her comfort zone. And Yoo Ji Tae brings out the ‘ahjussi’ -love in most people. *g* He is pretty compelling as the conflicted Moon Ho.

Not quite sure what to make of Kill Me, Heal Me yet but I’m keeping it for now.^^ Ji Sung is quite convincing and he really manages to make me care about his splintered persona. Those sad eyes get me every time. Hwang Jung Eum’s character has been a leeeettle too shouty for my taste but hopefully they’ll tone that down. I also hope they keep KMHM somewhat light hearted and refrain from bringing in ‘the crazy’. The minute it turns unnecessarily melodramatic and makjang, Imma gone.

Another show I’ve sampled recently is Persevere Gu Hae Ra and can’t say I’m impressed. The two episodes aired so far were quite disjointed and had really jarring transitions. There often didn’t seem to be any correlation between scenes. It’s also more like a collection of scenes + musical numbers than a cohesive story. Acting is all over the place too and no-one pops out. Maybe that’s a good thing. Dunno. Monstar had it’s problems, most of which had to do with them ending up with ca. 20 episodes worth of story and only 12 to tell it. It was inevitable they had to cut corners at some point. But it had a way better start and several characters I really liked, I’m pretty lukewarm to everyone in PGHR. I’m still undecided whether to continue but EP2 had a surprise ending and I kinda want to see how that is going to pan out. Guess I’ll give Drama a few more episodes to convince me and if things don’t improve, das boot it is.

2 thoughts on “New year, new dramas

  1. I finally joined the Healer train, and I’m just 6 eps in. I’m liking it well, but haven’t reached squee levels yet. I’m hoping to get there, though. I like to squee, Lol. πŸ˜‰ This is literally the first time I’m seeing Ji Chang Wook in something, and I’m starting to wake up to why everyone loves him so. ^^ Again, not to squee levels yet, but with me, you never can tell! XD

    • Well, I’ve watched all the Healer epis up to date and I know it’ll never turn into a mania drama for me. I like it but it’s just not ‘it’. πŸ™‚ I never know what might bring out the squee! though, the oddest things have. Like Ghost. I was throughly surprised by that, HA! My first encounter with JCW was in Lee Jun Ki’s Hero, where he was dorky and cute.^^ The next one was Warrior Baek Dong Soo, which I dropped half way through for having way too many things that annoyed the hell out of me. JCW wasn’t one of them though. He’s been steadily improving so I think we haven’t seen the best of him yet.

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