Drama year 2014 in retrospect

Where did the time go? It’s already mid January and a new drama year is out of the gate. But what about the previous one…?

Looking back, what did last year actually bring? Mostly more of the same but there were couple of great dramas that turned 2014 from ‘mainly meh’ to ‘ok, I’ll give it a pass’. It probably comes as no big surprise to anyone who ‘knows’ me that the biggest (overrated) hit of the year did not impress me much, nor did the ‘it’ boy who headlined it. But, as the saying goes, can’t win ’em all. XD

I checked out quite a few dramas as per usual but actually managed stick with only 14, two of which are on hold (Woderful Days + Pride&Prejudice). I’ll finish both one of these days.

My favourite dramas of 2014 were Yoo Na’s Street, Misaeng, Discovery of Romance and Secret Love Affair. They all represent different genres and at a glance don’t seem to have much in common but look deeper and the commonalities start to become apparent. Good script, great acting and a competent director who knows what he/she is doing. None of them were pickled in makjang or had overblown histronics either. Another thing in common were characters who had more than one side to themselves but felt very real in their imperfections.Β People weren’t exactly how they seemed in the beginning. Everyone had room for improvement and often your preception on someone changed as the story progressed. I was thinking of writing something about each of these four but when I actually got downt to it, I realised I don’t have anything more to add to what I’ve already written about them in my posts. πŸ™‚

So, upward and onward, let’s hope 2015 brings on some good ones as well.^^

4 thoughts on “Drama year 2014 in retrospect

  1. Wow. You totally win the prize for most concise Year In Review post, like possibly ever! I need to learn that skill from you, Timescout. Must. Learn. Brevity. XD

    I loved SLA, really liked DoR, am really liking Misaeng – and have yet to start on Yoo Na’s Street. But, I’ve just found a subbed streaming source, yay for me ^^

    • HaHaHa! Yup, it was pretty short but that’s how I generally roll. There is a reason I don’t do reviews. πŸ˜€ Then there was also the ‘not enough time for anything’ part…

      Yay! for YNS… Can’t wait for your thoughts on it. For me it was something that totally clicked. I feel happy just thinking about it. ^^

  2. Awww…a short and sweet drama year post! Out of your favourites, I’ve only watched Misaeng. SLA wasn’t my cup of tea. I did plan to watch DOR but then there were already so many shows in my list that this one got ignored. YS is too long to commit…..

    I hope this year brings more of such quality dramas that will remain in our memory long after they’ve ended πŸ™‚

    • I don’t really do long. Except once in a blue moon when I do get overly enthusiastic about something, ha.

      I am pretty consistent in what I like, if nothing else. XD YNS was the best drama I watched last year. There was just something SO right about it and I never felt it was too long. SLA is certainly not for everyone but I found it captivating. It wasn’t perfect, though got pretty close. I think you might like DoR, give it a go some time when you suddenly find yourself dramaless. Whenever that might happen, ha. And you know how I feel about Misaeng – β™₯β™₯ πŸ™‚

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