Drama grab-bag

Oh Misaeng… What am I going to do without you in my screen?

When it comes to kdramas, it is really hard to come by the level of awesome that is Misaeng. Oh yeah, there is hyped up and popular but true quality is sorely lacking in most offerings these days. Which makes me sad. Not that everything I pick up for viewing is stellar. I’ve watched and even loved some pretty well cooked turkeys over the years. 🙂 In any case most of one’s likes are subjective, which is why I generally try not to bash shows that don’t appeal to me. One person’s trash may be someone else’s treasure. Still, when a show is truly great, it’s great no matter what angle you view it and usually even nay-sayers have to grudgingly acknowledge that.

Misaeng continues to take me on a rollercoaster drive of emotions. This week gave me a good case of 2nd hand embarrasement, tears, laughter, compassion, fist pumps of glee… among other things. I just love character driven shows with a solid base of plot. Akin to YNS, in Misaeng every character counts, even those that just pay a bref visit. I love the fact that everyone feels so real and flawed like the rest of us. There aren’t many characters without any redeemable features, even the guys of resource team turned out not to be the total a-holes they seemed initially. I’ve got the feeling they were mostly acting out just to keep on the good side of their boss Chief Ma, who truly is one sorry excuse of a human being. Shallow end of pool: Assistant Manager Kang is hot. 😛 Maybe I should re-watch Chosun Police 3 to oggle him again as a kick-ass Joseon era copper with a painful past? I’m so very tempted now…

Pride & Prejudice is a pleasant albeit not very memorable watch. It fills in the moments when I feel like watching something that doesn’t demand too much of me. It’s not silly fluff but neither is it all that evocative as a crime show either. The characters have grown on me over time, I rather like all of them. Though Kang Soo is still my fave. He is just too adorable for words.^^

I’ve decided to halt Bad Guys till it’s all done. I’m about 5 episodes behind as it is anyway. It’s funny but there’s been far more OCN shows I ended up dropping than those I truly liked. Looking back only VP, TEN and God’s Quiz 1-2 (I’m pretending 3-4 does not exist) have made the cut and with TEN my inerest is more cerebreal than ‘Squee!!!’. That distinction goes to VP. XD Bad Guys is not quite in the level of the two but in terms of interest it’s still above GQ and WAY above everything else of OCN’s I’ve tried.

Then in the category of ‘unintentionally hilarious’ I’ve recently watched Hair Show, a 4 parter Drama Special from 2011. I doubt it’ll rival ‘WTF!Paris’ but it tries hard. LOL! Honestly! Just read the synopsis… O_o

A story that about the top 1% of hair designers in Kangnam who’re determined to display their skills and soothe the hearts of tired souls who’re exhausted from life with their warm hands. Ever since the fateful day when Lee Young Won took up a part-time job at J Hair Collection and saw how the designers there can bring out the beauty and stylishness that people had never thought they had possessed, she was determined to become a hair stylist and make people happy using the talent at her fingertips.

There was also ‘hair designers’ duking it out with their scissors and hair spray, plenty of posturing and stilted acting. Baek Jin Hee was overly perky but still the best of ’em. I’ve no idea what possesed me to pick this one up. At least it was short. I did get a bad case of hair envy though. The styles the guys were sporting would suit me SO fine. HA! If one wants to watch a drama about hair stylists one could do better with Beautiful Life. Jdramas tend to do these things better, besides it has KimuTaku in his peak as the lead. 😎

4 thoughts on “Drama grab-bag

  1. Ahhh u mention Beautiful Life and i used to love it sooooo much. When dorama set its mind to respectfully placate tears off u, they r always successful on my tearducts.

    I am on e5 of Misaeng trying to make all the time i can, loving every minute of it not necessary all in aware of gushing it is brilliantly perfect because gut is telling me the story is decent, understated but the perfection lies in it not trying to outwit itself and oull a gear too high sacrificing the balance of dramatics and slice of life…savoring it as my monthlong Xmas drama present. I can watch it for Lee SungMin of course, but still rewatching a little scene of his back pouring himself soju and inexplicably charming and needless to say everyone unexpectedly even though ive heard of the gushes and aware it is inevitable it still is taking me by surprise the unexpected little moments they r worming into my heart, young actors working with a very determined team of producing a good piece of drama, younglings i know nth of, can do wonders to grumpy o me!

    • Yup, the veterans in Miseang are great. Lee Sung Min seems to be getting a real fan-following, ha. He IS wonderful. They’ve also managed to find a pretty nifty group of noobs, I guess the PD knows what he is doing in giving them his guidance. Everyone gets their chance in the spotlight as the drama progresses and I just love how the story builds on itself, revealing stuff little by little.

  2. “Assistant Manager Kang is hot”….I completely agree!! And a few eps back, I used to dislike him…but as I watched more and more eps of Misaeng, I came to realise that this show doesn’t have total over-the-top negative people…it has normal beings (except Chief Ma) where every one has some flaws and some strengths….the drama just makes me fall in love with it all over again with each episode…I just want to drown myself into its world and characters…. ❤

    and that sauna scene was so hilarious!! 😀

    I watched only ep1 of P&P..and didn't complete it as I wasn't in the mood of case-of-the-week show…

    • … and getting hotter by the minute. XD He should be in more dramas. I’ve now decided to get on with CP3 again. It’s one of those shows I tend to watch periodically and now I even have a good reason. What? Assist. Mgr Kang kicking ass IS totally a good reason. ;P

      Yup, every time I watch an epi of Misaeng I tend to go “this is SO good!”. Just luv it! ❤

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