Drama grab-bag

Well, I have to say it’s curious times we are living when an office drama turns out to be more exciting than many shows supposed to be exciting. I’ve litterally been sitting at the edge of my seat for these two latest episodes. Of course they cut off just when things were approaching the boiling point and we are left to wait a week to find out how the do-or-die presentation of that Jordan deal went down. The fall out of the ‘Park Scandal’ in eps 9-10 reverberated throughout the different departments resulting in reshuffling of positions and even quite palpable awkwardness within our previously harmonious Sales Team 3. (Noooo!) Something that is felt even more in this week’s epis. To help the team out of ‘what should be our next hot item’ slump, Geu Rae decides to suggest a move that makes everyone antsy. From the cold open we DO know how it eventually shapes up but right now things aren’t going exactly smoothly. I hate cliffhangers! *pouts*

Yoo Na’s Street
It feels downright odd not to have new episodes of YNS to watch every Mon-Tue but at least I still have all of the un-subbed ones to rewatch eventually. There’s been some grumbling about the last few episodes but I have no complaints. As a whole YNS was a pretty consistently great. I don’t even have a beef with any of the characters, they all managed to be both annoying and lovable in turn. Lots of people seem to have had trouble digesting Chang Man’s more irritating personality traits but I loved how real they made him feel. Without them CM would have been far too good to be true.

Pride and Prejudice
Not really sure I’m going to continue with this. The cases have been kinda meh and I’m not really interested in the romance either. Seems to me that I’m actually watching P&P only for the cutie that is Kang Soo, LOL!

Bad Guys
I’m several episodes behind as RL has been somewhat hectic and this is not a ‘must watch’ drama for me. It has been pretty good so far but I can’t say I’m waiting for the next episode with baited breath. IDK but apart from VP and TEN none of the other OCN dramas has truly been able to hook me. I actually sampled the first episode of Dr Frost too but wasn’t sold on it so it’s out of The List for good.

The Rest
Haven’t been able to sample King’s Face yet, maybe later this week. Apart from Healer there doesn’t seem to be much of interest dramawise coming up in the near future. Maybe I’ll just grab something from my List Of Doom aka ‘stuff I haven’t managed to watch yet’ when I run out of currently airing dramas. Or finally finish Wonderful Days… maybe. 🙂

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