Misaeng – Still awesome

I guess Gue Rae and his Boss are the “love-line” of Misaeng. XD

I love this show! 🙂 It tugs my heartstrings yet it’s heartwarming, has things to say and is occasionally very, very hilarious. I really like how they give all the main characters their turn in the spotlight, at the same time sheding light to how all the different departments in One International work. They may all be part of the same company but each has their own charactersitics and it would be a folly to think that what is acceptable in one debt. will automaticly be a go in another. A lession Baek Ki is painfully learning right now.

All the boozing going on is making my liver winge in sympathy. 😵 Goodness, I’m happy mandatory drinking sessions are not the norm here. In fact, you don’t have to drink at all when out with workmates or in other social gatherings. No-one looks at you sideways for declining.

I LOVE Lee Sung Min here. He makes Chief Oh come to life, sometimes in bold strokes, sometimes with just minor adjustments in bodylanguage. Chief Oh is brash and loud but his heart is in the right place. His bark is much worse than his bite. Sales Team 3 is definitely where Gue Rae belongs, they are all maverics in their own way. Those three really are one team now and work together pretty seamlessly. I just luff them all! 😍 It’ll be interesting to see how the new team member will shake things up. He’s a Jordan expert so quite clearly has something to do with the cold open of ep 1. Chief Oh was not happy to see him though.

I was very much ok with the tone of the first two episodes, even if they felt somewhat sombre, but I’ve just re-watched eps 1-6 with my sister and was rather surprised that there were actually more fun bits in the early episodes than I noticed the first time around. I guess I was too focused on the Trials Of Gue Rae to pay attentinon to detail. I’m glad the fun continues, especially as it comes with both serious commentary AND special effects.^^

Assistant manager Park imagines Geu Rae as his personal cheering section (the glimmering eyes had me chortling for a good while). XD

2 thoughts on “Misaeng – Still awesome

  1. Haven’t started it yet…whenever I think about it…the first ep of length 1.5 hours makes me delay my decision 😉
    But I’m gonna start it soon!

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