Misaeng – Thoughts after episodes 3 & 4

“You might not be familiar, in the game of Go, there’s a complete life and incomplete life. We’re all incomplete lives.”

Now that Yoo Na’s Street is winding down towards it’s conclusion I’m so glad I have another great slice-of-life drama as a follow up. Watching Misaeng leaves such a lovely afterglow, one that follows me all the way to the next week and the next episode. It’s so very rare to come across a drama that is fully it’s own thing and doesn’t need anything added or subtracted. This year I’ve been lucky enough to get two. 🙂 I’m sick and tired of most, if not all of the usual kdrama tropes, so I truly appreciate the slower pace and gimmick free storytelling of Misaeng. It really feels a lot like a jdrama, somehow more true and lifelike. Lots of people have found Misaeng boring and/or too gloomy but I don’t think it’s neither. Yes, the first two episodes were kind of tinted in whistfullness but they also laid a basis on which to build the story of Geu Rae’s evolvement in the coroporate world. His journey to make his life ‘complete’. That he was such a woefull puppy to begin with, planted at least me firmly in his corner, cheering his every little triumph and every step towards the right direction. Huntig for a hanky and then smiling through the tears. There is humour in the mix too, more of it in epis 3-4. It’s subtle but it is there.

Im Shi Wan rather surprised me this time around. I’ve found him passable before but he is doing so well here. To me he IS Geu Rae, I can’t imagine anyone else in the role now. Sometimes being the right type does trump over acting experience. It also helps to have seasoned actors to work with and a director who knows what he is doing. There is something about Shi Wan makes me think that a lot of what he is putting into the role comes from somewhere inside. A knowledge of what Geu Rae is feeling any given moment. Of course Misaeng wouldn’t what it is without the rest of the great cast. Especially Lee Sung Min as Oh Sang Shik is scene stealing wonderful.^^ Kang Ha Neul’s Baek Ki – I’ve never thought him as being truly helpful or friendly towards Geu Rae. He just seems to be so on the surface, hiding his true feelings under a mask. Just look at his face fall when GR appears at the scene to round out the ‘accepted’ gang. That’s not a happy camper.

How many of those watching have done an internet search to find out more about Go/Baduk? *raises hand* Yup, I totally did, just to get a hang on what that part of the premise of Misaeng is. XD I’m useless at strategy games of any kind so… It was interesting read though.

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