First impressions – Misaeng & Tears of Heaven

Unlike many others seem to have done, I never thought Misaeng would be a comedy. Even if the teasers were sort of humorous, the overall tone of all the previews was more on the sombre side. What did surprise me was how atmospheric it turned out to be. It’s oddly whistful, contempletive and even melancolic in places. The colour palette shifts in blues, underlining the mood. Yet, it’s all that without being depressing. I guess the original writer of the webtoon Misaeng is based on being involved in the production, is one of the reasons the storytelling feels very assured. It also feels quite realistic. After watching these 2 first episodes I was thanking me stars I’ve never had to work in a corporate environment. They have a pretty solid crew manning the characters and I’m really liking Shiwan here. He’s progressed quite a bit from his first few roles. I think the boy might well make it solely as an actor, given time. His Geu Rae pretty much has me in his corner already. 🙂 Solid start, hopefully they keep it going.

Seo Joon Young, when are you going to headline a drama I’ll be willing to watch without doping myself first?! I’ve been patiently waiting since Just You. Sirius does not count, it was a short.^^ Out of curiosity I watched the first 4 episodes of Tears of Heaven, MBN’s renewed attempt at dramas. Yup, another weekend makjang fest. What else could it be with a name like that? XD As per usual, it’s populated mostly with horrible people doing questionable things and there is at least one character who would benefit for some heavy duty psyciatric counselling. A birth secret or two as well, of course. They even managed to throw in willful negligence leading to death and amnesia within the first 2 epis, ha. There’s the typical hardworking, spunky poor girl and her prince rich dude, who this time happens to be a very nice lad, 2nd girl who’ll in all probablity turn into one of those crazies ‘who just won’t get it’, horrible excuses of mothers and fathers… You know, the usual suspects. If you like your dramas predictable and pickled in makjang with some crazy on the side, congratulations! ;P There’s a bonus too… yes, this one *g*:

Why so cute? 🙂

2 thoughts on “First impressions – Misaeng & Tears of Heaven

    • It’s definitely different from the usual tvN fare. I’ve had a pretty spotty journey with tvN as I’ve ever truly liked very few of their offerings. If Misaeng keeps the tone (though I don’t mind if they add some humour in the mix) and trajectory of these two epis, it may end up pretty high on the list of faves.

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