Discovery of Love and other findings

Why is it that Eric breaks down so beautifully? Every new revelation seems to shatter Tae Ha just a little bit more and even if he tries not to show it, there is a world of sadness and hurt behind those beautiful eyes of his. Something you just can’t fake, it’s there and it’s real. And that, my friends is why I can’t feel Ha Jin’s breakdown the same way. Sung Joon just isn’t in the same place in life, yet. He does his best but somehow still comes off as a child, a boy not yet quite mature. Every actor/actress uses their own experiences to a certain degree when they construct a character and this is also why I tend to favour older thespians. There are very few young ‘uns who came even close. Yes, I’m biased and this may be a role tailor made for Eric but I’ve never seen him this good, this gorgeous, this heartbreaking. Coupled with what Jung Yoo Mi brings to the story, is it any wonder I feel like something inside of me wants to break too?

Tae ha’s been getting a lot of flack. I think people are missing something vital. TH never ‘came’ between Ha Jin and Yeo Reum. He was always there, from the very beginning. A spectre of things unresolved, words unsaid, hurt not yet healed. Like TH said, he and YR never really broke up. The debris of that bust-up was still flying around, in slowmo. Both of them needed to work through that before there was a real chance for either of them for moving on. This close to the finish line and I still don’t know how the chips are going to land. I won’t even try to guess. I hope the writer proves me wrong this time and gives the story an ending it deserves.

While I was pondering upon the ornery characters of Discovery of Love/Romance I realised something. Most of the dramas I’ve really liked recently have sort of upset people with their storylines and/or characters. Some of the reactions have been quite extreme, to say the least. We all watch dramas through the prism of our own background and experiences. I’m no exception but when either the story or the characters rub me on the wrong way, I’ve learned to let go. Why torture myself with watching something I don’t enjoy, that makes me angry? All in all, I do prefer stories with more meat around their bones and fully rounded characters that feel real. Oh, I do enjoy fluff at times, as long as it’s not totally mindless and makes some sort of sense. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Discovery of Love and other findings

  1. Invicible Parachute Agent was also comedy drama? Or heavy drama like Que Sera Sera? How could I watch it? Maybe I’m a rare fan that actually prefer watching him in the light shows like comedy rather than melodrama like Que Sera Sera. Indeed he was so good looking in QSS or DoL and many of his fans want to see more just say his sexiness or whatever we call it. But just my opinion, he looks so natural when act silly LOL.

    By the way, sometimes I read your reviews secretly about k-dramas like Misaeng (which I’m really enjoying now) and I also fan of Mookiehyun blogs too from several months ago. You guys give me inspiration to start writing my own blogs. I amused to read Mookiehyun’s blog about DoL and her obvious fan-girling over Eric which just make me realized “oh…okay, I’m not the only one liking him like that” XD .

    • Oh IPA (aka Korea Secret Agent) is most definitely a comedy, though as per most kdramas it gets a bit angsty at some point. The whole premise is as silly as they come and drama does not take itself too seriously, most of the time. I found it pretty hilarious and Eric is cute. 🙂 I’m not sure where you are at globally but IPA is available at least @ Dramafever, Crunchyroll and Amazon. Might be found in some other places (like YT with Spanish subs) too. I tend to like Eric’s more serious roles as he has to put more effort in doing those, comedy seems to come quite easy to him. He is naturally charismatic, no matter what the role is. It’s pretty hard not to fan-girl him. XD

      I’m a perennial lurker myself but I do try to comment when I have something relevant to say. Blogging is mostly fun but it does take time and a bit of effort too. I’m just a dabbler and usually write for my own amusement, which doesn’t demand all that much from me. I’m always in awe of people like kfangurl @ The Fangirl Verdict. Her posts are so informative and well written.

  2. Eric is versatile as an actor for me. The first drama I watched him was silly character which I found randomly a year ago in Dramafever title is New Employee (Super Rookie?). He was so entertain in there. I mean, it was a comedy drama that I enjoyed from the beginning till finished because he always got hit by his mom which was so fun to watch LOL. Then I came to know about Que Sera Sera after reading many comments from Discovery of Love viewers saying that he and Yoo Mi worked together before DoL. He was and still so sexy-manly actor. How can I say, there is something about him that makes me addicted to watch even though he just stand there XD. He’s really good to express someone’s who got broken heart or hum militated one. Life experiences perhaps? But no kidding, he’s one of my favorite actor that I found always try his best to play his roles perfectly (ratings excluded). Hope to see him more in the future and I’m trying to find other dramas of Eric now.

    • He’s improved quite a bit over the years and is generally good when given material that suits him and the PD who knows what he/she is doing. He was pretty gringe worthy in ‘Strongest Chil Woo’ though, but then that is one drama best forgotten. The ending made me throw things.. 😛 My first Eric drama was probably ‘Invincible Parachute Agent’, which was silly as hell but entertaining all the same.

      But yes, he certainly has that certain ‘something’, natural chrisma that makes people take notice.

  3. Oh, how wonderful Eric is in this!

    Interesting about the audience’s reaction to INR. I was trying to come up with the reason an honest portrayal of how complicated human feelings are would turn so many people off. It is an ambitious project, like Warm Word. It can’t be they disagree. Everyone has held on to a crush longer than they should have, or broken up with a person, only to go back after swearing on all that is holy that they wouldn’t.

    If this 16 episode drama were a film, it would have been real, touching, beautiful, sad and ultimately very satisfying for everyone. The problem is our expectations for a story broken up into 60 minute chunks differ from a shorter film. All the ups and downs, and back and forths are too real, too reflective of ourselves, and it frustrates us. We want immediate resolution; we crave it, actually, because that is exactly what we don’t get in real life. This show didn’t give us that. People who were in it for the journey, appreciated the story and its insights about human hearts. People who just watched to see who she ended up with, they didn’t care and didn’t have the patience to absorb it all.

    It’s too bad, too, because there is room out there for stories that make us reflect.
    Thanks for the thought provoking post!

    • Isn’t he just! I don’t know what happened to him between his last drama and this one but he’s certainly found the actor in himself. Or maybe it’s just JYM and this particular drama. We’ll have to wait for his next drama too see, I guess.

      Well, to be honest, I was seriously disappointed with the ending of INR myself. Not that I wanted her to go with the other guy either. The way I see it, she would have been better off being single for a while.

      Yes, I guess that is the payoff you get with a movie. When live watching a longer drama one has to be prepared to wait. With a story like this, patience pays off big dividends though. I guess we are one of those people who like to enjoy the whole journey and not just the destination. 🙂 We definitely need more stories like this in dramaland.

      You are welcome! I always strugle to find the right words to convey my thoughts and sometimes I even succeed.

  4. Lovely post. Short and sweet and SWOON!
    It is still catching me by surprise how I am so engaged whenever the peeps I care for VERY MUCH are on, but more so how much animosity this little drama is riling up in folks still hate!watching. Of all the mindnumbingly offensive things currently airing in kdramaland, this is at best a tiny cult hit with very meh ratings (yeah lets talk about Smoking them Nightshade and Tempted to off ’em on highways to Heaven), so the babies should chill. Not to sound too condescending but I am not shying from it, this is a drama for us folks who have romped around life a bit with dueling scars/badges of honor to show.

    VERY curious, how do you want this to end?! I am a virgin to this writer and I am trying mightiest to stay away from all the INR parallel essays, but I see one true way, one and only, I wavered for an episode at best but either she is with nobody or with is with THE ONE! XD

    • Well, it always surprises me how much vitriol gets poured on complex characters who feel true to life. It was the same for e.g One Warm Word, Secret Love Affair and even Yoo Na’s Street to some degree. Mind boggles.

      ‘Smoking them Nightshade and Tempted to off ‘em on highways to Heaven’?! ROFL!

      Oh, I’m with you on the ending. Totally.

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